Friday, July 8, 2011

Ariella UPDATE: Keep the Prayers coming

My Gorgeous cousin Megan and her Beautiful Angel, Ariella
We are all anxiously awaiting the latest results of the MRI. There is supposed to be a meeting today with the doctor's...which was post-poned from yesterday.

**The current prayer needs are for healing of an infection Ari has (either staph or strep) which she is now on antibiotics for. She had a UTI infection that is now healed. Pray that the test results come back GREAT & that she will wake up COMPLETELY HEALTHY!

Thank you once again to all the prayers coming from around the ENTIRE world, Italy, Malaysia, France, Israel...I'm amazed at the love of so many of my blogging friends!


Kimmy said...

Keeping the prayers coming!!

Anonymous said...

Rimaniamo in attesa della notizia piu bella che tutto proceda bene intanto continueremo a pregare per la piccola Ariella.

Spero che il nostro papa in qualche modo legha queste parole e provi ad aiutare tutti voi.

Un saluto Tony.

Lucy said...

What a pretty mom and the baby is adorable. That little girl is a strong little girl to have came this far.As always prayers are with her.

Anonymous said...

Ho chiesto al nostro santo padre di pregare per voi .Speriamo che legga la mia lettera.

Behind the Lens of Char said...

Cousin Lisa I am so grateful for your outreach of love to your community of love and faith. Your prayers and support amongst your follows mean so much to Megan & Natha. To all of us. This is truly a time that family and friends come together united in Christ. One Faith, One God. I pray with all my heart that Ariella's fraile little body is granted by God's will to be made whole again and will will enjoy her precious spirit and laughter in the walls of this home once again. Thank you for the true empathy, and extention of Christ-Like love in your hearts. I will never forget it. This experience has changed all of us forever. God Bless. Charlene Bradley Ariella's Grandma (Megan's Mom)