Sunday, July 3, 2011

NHLBI Body Cooling Treatment

 My cousins baby, Ariella, is a part of this trial Body Cooling treatment at Loma Linda Hospital (Click Link Below.) Her temperature is now at 98 degrees. Praying it is a success in limiting damage to her. Please continue your prayers on her behalf!

(picture from website)
She is still in a coma, however her brain waves have increased & praying that she will be able to be taken off the ventilator soon! Prayers have been answered...she's still here!


Anonymous said...

Lisa, We are so sorry to hear about little Ariella. Our emotions are very close to the surface and tears easily flow when we hear about accidents similar to the Horn's. Just know our family will be and are praying for a miracle to come to pass. We believe our prayers are heard and answered, and the more people that will pray for Ariella, the greater the power of prayer. Just know that we feel your pain and have shed similar tears and will do our best and what we can to help you out. Let us know what their needs are. Sincerely, Bronson's Dad. Matt

Kimmy said...

Hey Lisa, I wanted to check in and see how your cousin's baby is doing?? She's been on my mind. Hope your cousin, you and your whole family are holding up well and praying you all have faith knowing she's in God's hands. *hugs*

Lisa Petrarca said...

Matt, We also have seen the Miracle Power of Prayer (my dad being healed of inoperable 4th stage lung cancer) & are seeing it again with Ariella.

Thank you for your offer to help & your email address (I forwarded it to Megan (Ari's mom) & Charlene (Ari's Grandma.) I know it will be a great source of comfort & encouragement. A huge THANK YOU to you and Sara!

Lisa Petrarca said...

Kimmy, Thank you for your continued prayers...they are definitely being heard and answered!<3