Saturday, July 23, 2011

The REAL World's Kickin My Butt!

(searching to notice more of these lifetime moment)
I'm exhausted! My boss's friend needed help at her office last week and all of next week. After my recent $800.00 car repair bill, I needed the extra money so I said I'd do it. But with my insomnia & working a FULL day between the two jobs, I'm WIPED OUT! I got home from work & took a 3 hour nap until 8:00 pm & then couldn't sleep all night. 

I'll admit it...I'm spoiled, with my normal 6 hour work days & Monday's off. I have a whole new appreciation for my schedule! 

Being a single mother for years, I worked full time and never thought anything of it...just did what I had to do. But now that I'm doing it again, "I yigh yigh!"

Funny how we take our life, situation, health, family, etc. for granted until it's taken away. My new motto, 
(seeking to enjoy all that's going on around me)


Kimmy said...

Amen to that! I work 3 days a week, volunteer at my daughter's school on one of my days off. I used to work full time until I had my daughter but now, I feel spoiled if I have to work an extra day during tax season. I truly feel thankful I'm actually able to just work 3 days instead of the normal 5 days :o)

Alida said...

I love your photos! Hope you get some time for rest soon.

joy & blesings,

tessa said...

aww hang in there; hope you get a break soon!
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