Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Today is day #14 since the accident. This morning Ariella's reflex to pain and touch has returned! The doctor was checking her reflexes, as she does every morning and usually never receives a response, but today she was startled by movement! She said it's a good sign, but can sometimes happen on it's own, but it gives her hope. We however, are not startled as we know our Heavenly Father is closely watching over her and has His hand on her healing.

Okay all you Prayer Warriors, continue to pray for *increased response,*breathing on her own, *she will open her eyes & *wake up COMPLETELY healthy! We stand together in Faith & Trust during little Angel Ariella's Healing! Our Lord is Faithful & Capable of ALL MIRACLES!
Mommy Megan & Her Angel Ariella
 I also wanted to share with you Nana Charlene's recent update of more good news!

"Last night I dropped in to see baby Ari after a long day. Nathan's sister Michelle was there and Kathi Riddle, they told me to watch baby Ari's toes. To my amazement she was moving them. Just a little wiggle. Both feet! It was so sweet. We see you baby, we know you are there wanting to come back to us. They said she had been doing it for the last few hours. I was expecting the doctors to tell Megan this morning it was just spontaneous movement like earlier in the week, with other movement (they like to dash our hope like that.) But this morning when the Doctor came in to do rounds and did the typical pain test of pinching, Ariella responded. She is reacting to pain! Today is day #14. We are no longer calling it a coma, we are calling this a healing slumber. Our baby is trying to come back, through the prayers and faith of many. It will be in the Lord's time, not in our time. This is a tiny step in the right direction.  I am so grateful for the faith and prayers from you all. In Him all things are possible."


Debbie said...

Oh Lisa, I had to go back and read the story of this little one. I am praying for a full recovery right now. Praise God that there has been some improvement.

On Monday afternoon, one of our five year old students had to be resuscitated at our school. She was in the swimming pool with 14 other students and a life guard and teacher's aide. But she slipped under the water and CPR was administered. There is a question of a possible seizure as she knew how to swim. She is on life support at our local children's hospital on a ventilator. We are so saddened by this and praying.

So I am joining you in praying for Ariella and also Saveen. This type of tragedy can happen so quickly. It is heart breaking.

Blessings and love,

Kimmy said...

What wonderful news!!! I will continue to keep all in my prayers!!!

bravegrrl said...

i will say a prayer xo

Joop Zand said...

What a lovely one, the first picture is really BEAUTIFUL Lisa.

greetings, Joop

DUTA said...

Great news! God's miracles are at work.

Anonymous said...

Great news.. I will pray harder!! Baby Ari, be strong! =) Dear God, miracle please happen~ <3