Monday, December 5, 2011

Colors of Change

jacket: ambiance apparel, jeans: true religion (billy), scarf: gift from my step-daughter-natascha, sunglasses: gucci
boots: soda, t-shirts: american apparel
 There's something to be said for living somewhere where colors transform with the seasons. The first sight of changing leaves gives an old familiar place an entirely different look. On my recent visit to Utah, I decided to drive by my parents old home in Provo, Utah. It took me a few minutes to find the exact street, but once I headed up the hill, the memories of a time years ago came flooding back, joyful, full of life, laughter, unforeseen loss, sorrow...the colors of life. A home where we spent life changing moments together, loving, comforting, encouraging, and lifting up when we needed each other the most.

I only lived in Utah for two short years. Moving when my two boys, Josh & Jullien were babies. As a single mom I needed my family and there's no place like my parents loving home.


Family is like changing colors~nothing stays the same...learning to embrace each new season.


Dixie Mom said...

Glad to see you on here. The colors are stunning in Utah in the fall. Hope you had a great trip.

DUTA said...

You look smashing on the background of autumn's changing colors!

I like the picture displaying your parent's home too.
Charming house and hill!

Lucy said...

Beautiful colors. It is so cold our leaves just fall to the ground here. I have so many memories stored up in my 82 year old mind. Most very good but a lot of sad, also. My oldest son died Dec 21, 1992. He loved Christmas. I miss him and then I try to remember the good times It has reached the stage, where his brothers and sister and I can remember how fun he could be, and laugh more than cry.

Kimmy said...

Beautiful photos!!! The colors are spectacular :o)

BTW...LOVE the boots!! I can never find a cute pair of boots that don't have a heel and YOU sure in the heck have them!!! LOVE!

GlamorousGirl said...

love it!