Friday, December 30, 2011


While in Utah my lil brother Bryan wanted me to take some pics of him with his niece & nephews.  

So I started scoping out different spots to shoot. I kept driving past this field directly behind my sister April's house. I made Anthony go over to take some test shots w/me before we made everyone meet us there. It was such a cool spot! Unfortunately, it took everyone soooo long to get there, I began to lose my daylight (I don't have a big flash for night shots.)

Doesn't the background look fake?
My lil bro and I were arguing about where to take the best shots (we're both bossy & thick headed~guess it's a family trait:) He went running so far out in the field that the pics weren't clear. Eventually he had to listen to me & come closer. Besides, I wasn't going to walk too far out there...who knows if there were snakes! yikes! They were a little nervous slickers!
So welcome to our "Field of Dreams"
Having fun @ the photo shoot!

My sister Amy & her two girls, Ava & Londyn (baby Liam not quite here yet)

My brother Bryan, Jullien, Elijah, Josh & nephew Jake 
My middle son Jullien & niece Ava
Bryan goofing off
My youngest son Elijah

My oldest son Josh
My niece Janae
Brother Bryan (he's only 2 years older than my son Josh)
Nephew Johnny
Josh, brother Bryan w/ his niece & nephews, Elijah, nephew Jason, niece Janae, nephew Johnny, Jullien, nephew Jake
Picture perfect spot...but it was FREEZING!


Lucy said...

Petaraca, Have a very Happy New Year and many more. That last picture is beautiful. I love all of your pictures.I never expected to see so many New Years.Starting my 83rd.

Dixie Mom said...

Utah has the perfect fields for taking pictures! Looks cold but fun!

Kimmy said...

Great photos!! Beautiful family, Lisa!

I have to saw, the photos with the guys, looks like they could be in a!

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Wishing you all by heart a prosperous new year full of health, love and happiness!

triptophren said...

You have a great family and u all look so beautiful together. Congrats!!