Friday, December 9, 2011

Who's The Real Gift? Happy Birthday Mom!

Me & My Mom (w/brother David)
Yesterday was my mom's birthday. It's a very special day because we share a birthday! She never fails to let me know, "You were my best Birthday present ever!" Now, I'm not so sure of that during the dreaded teen years, when I was known as, "The Mouth." I always had a mean comment or response to anything I didn't like or that she wanted me to do. This was quickly followed by a glare. Which my mom shot back, "If  looks could kill! Wipe that look off your face, Lisa Michelle, before I wipe it off for you! lol!

That's my mom! She's never taken crap from anyone. She's tiny but feisty. I'll never forget when we were younger and went to watch my dad, Dave, play hockey, (he was a goalie for the semi-pro hockey team, The Reno Aces.) Now back in the day, Hockey fans were a rowdy, foul mouthed group (probably not much different than today's fans.) During the game, this guy, who was sitting just a few rows away from us, began heckling, swearing and acting like a complete idiot.

Now as memories are...I don't remember exactly what transpired between my mom and this guy, I think she may have told him to watch his mouth (mama bear protecting her cubs.) But what I do remember with vivid clarity is the man saying, "F_ _ _ Y_  _" to my mom. Whoa...not something you EVER want to say to her. She scaled those bleachers like a track star jumping hurdles, reached the guy with lightening speed before he even knew what hit him. She had him by the collar of his shirt...all 5'3, 100 lbs of her lifting the 6' foot + guy up out of his seat, while he stammered apologies. Yep, she didn't take too kindly to someone swearing in front of her kids.

That's the kind of mom she's always been, loving & protective. Her kids and family are her life. She's always there, under any circumstances, no matter how difficult, challenging, painful...she's waiting to help, offer advice, encouragement or protection from unforeseen enemy's. Her feisty, never give up, keep looking and pushing ahead, things will work out, things will get better, YOU ARE LOVED attitude has helped each and every one of her 7 kids, their spouses, her husband and grandchildren. She is our rock, she is our family's strength. Her smile, energy & jokes, lifting us up...always showing us that Faith in Christ will see us through all things.

What my mom never realized is...SHE HAS BEEN THE GIFT TO ME! 

 My Family, Joshy, Me, (8 months pregnant w/Jullien) ~ (Stacy & John missing)
My mom, Aunt Lynn & Me
My Uncle Tim & Mom at my Wedding 
My Mom & Dad at Natashca's Wedding
Happy Birthday Mom! You are the best present Heavenly Father could've given me and our family! I love you!


Dixie Mom said...

Happy Birthday to you both!!

DUTA said...

What a fine tribute to your Mom!
It was sheer delight to read it and contemplate the beautiful people in the attached pictures.

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to your Mom (the gift, the rock, the strength of the family)!

johni said...

Happy Birthday to yourmoms.i read and really impressed from your posting... It's likely for world people. I like and saved. Thanks for submitted...

Jen Umm said...

this is incred, love the photos
Great post, thanks for sharing!

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