Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas

Our Family (Missing Josh & Jullien)
As I've become older, I've realized that nothing is as special as family. Even with all it's is the most important thing we have in our lives.

This Christmas was my first time without Jullien, who wasn't able to come home from New York. Luckily, all our other children live close and we were surrounded by love, and laughter.

We celebrated Christmas Eve at my sister-in-laws house, we at tamales (Costa Rican & Mexican style.) We exchanged gifts & we tried something new this year to keep the costs down. Each of the older kids brought $20.00 gift cards, & did the 'white elephant' gift card exchange for the first time. It made it really fun for them, especially when they found out they could take each other's gifts...definitely a lot of laughing, yelling & trying to hide the most sought after gift cards from each other!
Adam & Elijah rough housing w/cousins

THE GIRLS (Nieces, Sister-in-laws, & step-daughter)
Christmas morning, we opened presents with our kids & headed off to church to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. After an amazing service, I was still wiped out from my 4 hour, non-sleep nights over the past we took a nap. Later that evening we headed out to Glendora for Christmas dinner with my sister, Stacy, Jay & family. I'm so grateful she's such an amazing cook, because, I'M NOT!
It was another joyous, wonderful year spent with the love of my family...I'm truly blessed! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!
Elijah posing w/his new Pierre Cardin
Joshy & gf Charmaine-joined us later @ my sister's house



Phivos Nicolaides said...

Merry Christmas to the beautiful family!!

Dixie Mom said...

Merry Christmas! You're's all about family!

V. said...

It looks like you had a beautiful Christmas!!

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Lucy said...

You are right Christmas is all about family. It looks like you had lots pf family to celebrate with.

nené said...

love ur blog!
i follow you!
hug from BARCELONA

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White List said...

Fantastic blog! Brilliant post! Look forward to reading more from you!