Monday, January 2, 2012

12-Still Going Strong

Park City, UT Vacation 
12 years ago we made a life changing decision. It wasn't a normal situation, it involved 7 other people. 7 different personality's, needs, wants, likes & dislikes. 8 people who needed to learn how to love each other unconditionally. Life can be complicated when you make a decision like we did.

To say it was easy to arrive at that decision would be a lie. It took time, two years to be exact. Two years of making sure it would work. When my hubby finally proposed, we still couldn't be sure both sets of our 3 children would get along. But what we were sure of was our love for one another. We knew that even though it wasn't always 'sunshine & roses' it would be worse not to spend every day together. We decided that whatever obstacles still stood in our way...our Love would conquer all.
Love...the word conjures up pictures of smiling, flushed faces, stealing glances, nervously stumbling over words, butterfly's in your belly, first kiss, anticipating phone calls, late night phone conversations and playful outings.
Still Playful after all these years!
He always cracks me up!
But the reality of real Love is different. It's wanting to be with a person even when those first new feelings fade. It's learning to accept each other with all their faults. It's working through all the fights over little & big issues. It's standing by each other even when it gets difficult. It's learning to talk when you feel like running away. It's allowing someone to see your weaknesses and realizing they love you anyways.

On my 12th Wedding Anniversary, I realize that all the difficult times we went through taught us that Love is something worth working for. Love grows deeper & stronger with each hurdle you overcome. Love is not the exciting feelings you have in the beginning. Love is the true joy you feel when you look at your partner, your rock, your helpmate, your stability, your other half, and realize that through each year, you've grown to love each deeper, with an honest appreciation for the TRUE meaning of Love. The work required & the life changing rewards you achieve together, as husband and wife.
12 years ago on December 31, 1999, I said, "I do" to Real Love. It was the best decision of my life...I found my other half.

Love of my life & Best Friend
Happy Anniversary Anthony. I Love you & am truly blessed to call you my husband.
Our wedding day
Anthony, Pastor Aaron & Me

Christmas 2011-12 years later


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I'm sure you both have gone through a lot of problems and you guys still get through it, and i dunno reading this post is soo heart touching, 12 years is not a short time, I really hope that you guys will be together forever and I'm sure that you guys will always be, and btw seriously I think you haven't change that much from 12 years ago, you're not aging! Stay fabulous ok! :D