Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The New Bachelorette Is Emily Maynard-YES!

Note: CLICK HERE to see who Emily chose in the Bachelorette season finale.

It's official...gorgeous Emily Maynard will be the next Bacheloretee!

During Brad Womack's season of the Bachelor, even the girls in the house loved her. Now that's saying something. Anyone who's ever watched the Bachelor/Bachelorette, know that when girls are competing things turn ugly quickly and the prettier the girl is, the more people try to find something wrong with her. Emily however was the exception to the rule.She had that unusual combination of beauty, class and charm.

Most people have heard of the tragic death of Emily's fiance, NASCAR driver & team owner, Ricky Hendrick. He passed away in a plane crash. She was supposed to be on the plane too but decided not to go. Shortly after the plane crash, Emily found out she was pregnant with their daughter. This sad news was disclosed on the the show and touched everyone's heart.
Emily & late fiance, Ricky Hendrick
When Brad Womack chose Emily & proposed to her on Season 15 of the Bachelor, everyone hoped Emily would finally receive her, "Happily Ever After." But it wasn't to be, and the long distance relationship fell apart.
Emily & Brad Womack
I for one am glad she's back and will be rooting for her.

I'm sure the men will be burning up the phone/email & website trying to date her.  I'm predicting this will be a HUGE ratings gold mine for ABC. The season begins in the Spring of 2012. It'll be interesting to see if this single mom can find not just a good husband, but a loving, caring father for her daughter.

I know they're out there...I found one for my three boys.

I can't wait for the show to start, let's hope she finds a good one! Be sure to tune in.


Sassi said...

great pics! I love her curly hair on the first picture!

lucia m said...

love your blog!!