Monday, January 23, 2012

Farewell Monday's

photo by: lisa petrarca
Today is officially my last Monday off. I currently work part-time for a Commercial Real Estate Development Company Tues.-Fri., as an Independent Contractor.  

I used to work on Monday's helping out a bookkeeper. When things slowed down for her, and she no longer needed me on Monday's, I was a little worried about how we'd get by without the extra money. But somehow, like always, things just worked out. We were definitely tight, but I really began digging in on my writing & finishing up my book. Monday's became my official "WRITING" day. 

As I finished writing my book (which I actually hand wrote-that's just how I like to write) I began struggling with typing it all up. Writing is fun...typing is not.

Subconsciously I think it may have brought me closer to my fear, my dreaded fear of failure. So my typing began to stop, which in turn stopped my book progress. Something always seemed to come up on Monday's. I became too busy to type. I know, I know, I shouldn't just limit my typing to Monday's, but that was my 'designated' day, or so I told myself. Now I still am several, several, several chapters away from finishing my typing, putting my book together & submitting it.

Unfortunately, as with all things, my "Monday's" are coming to an end. Today is my final Monday off. It’s fitting that it's raining outside, a dark, dreary yet cozy day. 

A new Monday job fell right smack into my lap. It wasn't solicited or searched for. It was gift wrapped and handed to me by a friend who does books for a very large company in Newport Beach. They needed someone to come in & help with an overload of work they have. My friend told them about me, I met with them last week and today they offered me the position. It will be every Monday & a few other days after I finish my other job at 3. The money will be so helpful. It will ease some of our financial strain, and I'm learning to walk through the doors that the Lord opens for me. This is definitely one of them.

So Monday's, I've enjoyed our time together. I've grown. I've started a dream because of you. I now will find the determination and drive to finish it because I can no longer continue to take advantage of you. You have been a bright light on Sunday nights, as I looked forward to spending time with you in the morning. So today, my very last day alone with you, I say Farewell Monday's! It's time to move on to a new chapter in my life.


Lisa Johnson said...

If you had someway to scan your pages, I would be more than happy to type them up for you. I'm a fast typer and need something to keep me busy at my job when I'm not answering phones. :)

Lisa Petrarca said...

Lisa, you are too sweet! I'd love to take you up on it, but unfortunately, I have scribble, unfinished thoughts that need to be added in, scripture verses to coincide with thoughts...etc. Let's just call it like it is, a hot mess!lol...which needs to be carefully pieced together.

But I can't thank you enough for the offer!!!:D

DUTA said...

Good Luck with your new job!

vivalablonda said...

OMG this photo is amazing and I wish you the best for your book and your job;) , I hope one day I could have the courage to write one. Cute blog.

Lucy said...

I just lost one comment to you. I will make this short. Thanks for commenting on my blog. Glad you are back to your cheerful everything. Hope you get things going your way.

Lucy said...

Thank you so much for commenting on my blog. I have a great group. At 82 I don't have to many friends left but my blogger buddies is just great.

Cliff said...

Awww this is so true, when life is tough somehow God makes a way! Good luck for your new job Lisa! :)


bravegrrl said...

new chapters are good! sometimes change brings on the best adventures of our lives!