Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Natascha's 23 Today!

Today my step-daughter Natascha, turns 23. Taschy's always been cute, bubbly, and fun loving. As the only girl growing up with 5 brother's, she learned to hold her own. She always maintained a big sister, 'I'm in charge attitude' which helped keep the boys in line & I'm sure helped her keep her sanity!lol

She learned patience from the hours she had to sit on the baseball field, basketball courts & football fields, watching her brothers games.

She played soccer & softball when she was younger, but found that she truly loved cheerleading. She was always tiny, which gave her the opportunity for the prime 'showcase' position. It was perfect for her & suited her spirited, BIG personality. She was a flyer. She was lifted, balanced on wobbly young arms & thrown...sometimes dropped, all the while maintaining a smile. Year after year her cheer squad placed 1st at the Pop Warner Competitions.
As amazing as she was at cheering, she's even more incredible as a daughter & sister. No matter what's going on in her day, she'll drop everything if her family needs her. She is such a giving, caring, loving person.

During junior high & high school she became involved with her church youth group. This was when she fell in Love with the Lord & her husband, Jeremy.
Natascha & Jeremy

She began to set an example for her siblings. Showing through her words & actions what is truly important in this life. She was determined to make sure her brothers didn't travel down the wrong paths. Once again showing her incredible ability to lead & serve.

Today on her special day, I celebrate the amazing, beautiful, special young lady she is. I thank the Lord for blessing our family with her. She is a true gift to each one of us!

Happy Birthday Taschy...We love you!
Daddy's Princess
Our little girl growing up...marrying the love of her life!

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DUTA said...

Judging by your words and the amazing photos, it appears Natascha is a wonderful gift and blessing to the family.
Happy Birthday to her!