Thursday, March 15, 2012

It's Officially Mine!

Well it's official...I own a brand new 2012 Nissan Altima! I've never owned a BRAND NEW car and I feel like a little kid at Christmas. It wasn't exactly an easy process, we were upside down on our Lincoln Navigator (aka the gas guzzler.) So trying to trade it in with the current gas prices was a joke. We were out ALL day Saturday, ALL day Sunday (after church), and finally on Monday we were totally blessed to find a place through a friend of a friend who knew the GM of the dealership (thank you Facebook!)

I picked out the color, interior and was surprised to see that it also had a built in blue tooth, along with the key-less entry & push button start (=no more digging through my bottomless pit of a purse.) The car just "reads" that I have my key on me & I just push the button to get in AND start the car...SO COOL! So what do ya think?
Went for silver this time to hide the dirt
It's really roomy!
The push button start
Isn't it nice?!!!:D


Kimmy said...

AWESOME!!!! What a great feeling being able to buy a brand new car. Also to not have to dig through your purse. Oh boy do I feel your pain!! LOL

We bought my husband's 1999 Mustang and my 2001 Mits. Diamante brand new. All our other cars have been used. There's such a relaxed feeling about buying one new. I've had so much problems with my other cars, I swore I would never buy used again. However, a few years ago we bout our 2006 Pontiac G6 used. We went through the whole reviews, carfax, and research thing and found one online and drove over an hour to buy it. It's been a good car too!

Enjoy your new ride!!! WOO HOO!!!

fifi said...

congratulations!! new cars are so exciting!!

Lucy said...

Very nice!!!!

April said...

That's awesome Lis! I love it!! Can't wait to go for a ride in it this summer!!:)