Sunday, March 4, 2012

Vegas Baby-Palms Hotel

When my sister, Stacy & I were driving home from Utah, she wanted to stay in Vegas so we wouldn't have to drive straight through. I found a great deal at the Palms Hotel on and for $20.00 more you could upgrade to a suite, so she told me to book it.

We pulled into the Palms around 8:00 p.m., pretty worn out from driving through a severe snow and rain storm.

We valeted the car & had the bell hop take our bags, (my sister likes the special extra's), me on the other hand, I just usually park myself & carry my bags in to save money...lucky for me she was treating. Once inside we were told that our suite was about 100 yards away from the casino in the adjacent building & we'd have to get our bags, get back in our car & drive over there. My sister wasn't too happy & she doesn't hide her feelings very well. The girl at the desk tried to assure her that it was VERY nice & she'd love it. She wasn't too sure but said, "Whatever."

Once we got over there, she still was pretty irritated because we were so far from the casino. But I  told her that I was confident this room was actually a lot nicer. We went downstairs to head over to the casino when we walked right past Travis Barker (from the band Blink 182) and his kids, heading up the elevator to his room in the same building. I said, "SEE, I told you! Travis Barker wouldn't be staying here if the rooms weren't better...he has money to stay anywhere." She said, "Okay, I guess you're right, I thought you were just saying that to try and make me feel better."
The Palms Hotel Suite
Full Kitchen
Loved the bathroom w/jacuzzi tub
Once we got to the main Hotel, we heard a great band playing in the Lounge. We started to head in to sit down when a man in a suit stopped us & said, "Do you have tickets?" Surprised and feeling a little stupid I said, "Oh sorry, I thought it was free." He said, "No but follow me, I'll see what I can do." We followed him to the very front where he sat us at a table for free. The band, Santa Fe & the Fat City Horns was an incredible mixture of amazingly talented musicians. There were also a lot of famous musicians in the audience that they called up. 
Guest singer-Michael Grimm

After they finished, we decided to headed up to the exclusive penthouse nightclub, "Moon" at the top of the hotel. We were able to get in for free (which seemed to be the theme of the night) & always makes things better. It was nice to have some sister time to unwind and let go of all the pent up stress. So all in all, it turned out perfect...thanks Stace, love you!


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April said...

How fun! Wish I could have been with you girls! We're going to have to start doing our annual Vegas trip again!!!

SAJKACA said...

cool apartment! Love the white lamp in the kitchen!