Friday, March 30, 2012


Last weekend we headed to Las Vegas for an Elite football tournament for my son Elijah (NLA Elite 7v7 Passing Tournament.) He joined the Gridiron Academy team recently with his high school quarterback. It was a great opportunity to play with top players from around the country showcasing their talent for the media & college scouts.

Elijah played great! He caught everything that was thrown to him (5 passes in 1 game) & his new teammates were very surprised & impressed at how good he was. They started calling him Wes Welker (a great NFL receiver) which he loved of course!  

His team won every game Saturday & went into Sunday's single elimination round with a bye the first game. Unfortunately, they ended up losing their game on Sunday (Elijah didn't get any passes thrown to him, but started & played the whole game.) It was great to see he earned a spot in the big game.

This weekend we're headed to the Nike Combine 2012 in Long Beach, CA. Hoping that he turns out some great numbers. He's been diligent in maintaining a high GPA & has trained hard in both football & track...he wants a scholarship!!

Elijah Herrera-Junior Year Highlight Video


DUTA said...

It looks like your Elijah has a good chance of winning a scholarship. With or without the scholarship, you have reason to be very proud of him.

(Thanks Lisa to you and your church for the prayers you've mentioned on my post).

valeelola said...

Love your blog!