Sunday, March 18, 2012

I've Met My Max

Last week I went to change my blog photo & was met with a surprise notice...I'd met my "maximum picture" quota on Picasa (the storage site Blogspot uses when you upload pictures to your blog.) 

What? I didn't know there was a maximum number of photo's you're allowed on your blog? Did any of you long time Blogspot bloggers have this happen to you?

I usually like to add a lot of photo's to my posts, but I never knew I'd have to pay for more (ugh.) The reason I love to Blog is because it's FREE and I use it as a sort of journal. When I'm gone one day, my kids can read about my life and daily happenings/thoughts/pictures.

So I went through a few old blog posts and deleted some pictures to make immediate room for my main blog photo. Then of course I had to give in & pay the $5.00 for additional room for future post pics. I know it wont last very long and I'll need to upgrade to the higher $$ amount, but it's okay for now. Just thought I'd give my blogger friends a heads too may soon meet your FREE PHOTO max-so don't be surprised.


Dixie Mom said...

I also found out the hard way. I caved. And bought. What a bummer.

DUTA said...

I'm surprised. We should be informed/warned about this maximum quota and the fee to be paid.
Thanks for sharing this important information.

Thu Nguyen said...

That looks amazing!! xo

Lisa Johnson said...

That happened to me a few years ago. I bit the bullet and decided to pay the $20 a year for extra storage. I also started blogging b/c it was free, but decided that $20 a year is worth the price of being able to keep all my past posts and pics. There are so many times that I can't remember when something happened, so I just search for it on my blog and it's right there at my fingertips.