Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Back To New York

JULLIEN HERRERA @ Jalama Beach, CA - photo by: Lisa Petrarca

Tonight I said goodbye to my middle son, Jullien. He headed back to his home in New York and straight to Fashion Week castings. I felt very lucky to have him home for a whole 20 days! It was definitely harder to say goodbye this time because I actually had more time with him than in the past. Usually on his short trips home he's always gone so it's almost like he's not even here on vacation. But this time I had him around a lot...AND we didn't even argue. Yes...we used to argue quite a bit because we're too much a like. We are both strong willed and like to have our own way. But with age comes appreciation and understanding of our similarities along with personal growth and change.

Today I was able to hang out with him all day. He had an appointment at the DMV, so he did an early morning final surfing session.
Newport Beach, CA
I took tons of photo's (of course) and tried to get a video with my phone...it's a little far away but I think you can tell he surf's really well.
Surfing @ Jalama Beach

I'm grateful for the family time I've been able to have this summer! There's nothing better than creating lasting memories.


Lisa Johnson said...

That first photo is INCREDIBLE!
WOW, what a shot of his silhouette.

Josephine said...

Wauw looks amazing! Reminds me of how much I love to surf. Unfortunately it's not easy in Denmark, have tried in Sout Africa, in California and in Spain. Loved it :)


Longuette said...

look at the waves!!! this is definitely a sport I'd like to try one day :-)

Love, Ylenia from Longuette

Lauren said...

What an amazingly close and beautiful family you have!!

Loving your blog,
adorn la femme