Sunday, July 6, 2008

BUTTS and Fireworks

I know, very strange title butt (oops I mean but), that pretty much sums up my Fourth of July. Don't get me wrong we had a fun's how it went:

We woke up pretty early, laid around on our butt's all morning, while Anthony tried to piece together all of the bikes in the garage. The kids just thrash them...every time they go to pull a bike out, if it's stuck (like ALWAYS) they just yank, pull, and shake until it gets unhooked from the other bikes. Our garage pretty much looks like a bike store (all of us have our own 8+ a few extra). In the process they have broken most of the spokes, chains, etc.

Next it was off down Main Street, wobbly wheels, squeaking and my husband says, "To see our peeps" (friends). We were quite the crew...everyone we passed had their shiny, bright, "Float" like bikes, polished, blinding chrome, colorful decorations...very patriotic. Hmm, the looks we received, as we drove past HUNDREDS of people..."My bike's better than yours!" Yes, we were the Beverly Hillbilly's. Dodging, weaving and inching through the beautiful need for a horn when you're with our crew, the squeaking in unison created quite the distraction, parting the sea of laughing onlookers. We only saw a few of our peeps this year...the usual local die hards...they only gave a quick wave as we past, that was strange...why didn't they stop to visit!

Halfway down to the beach and the Beverly Hillbilly crew started chanting, quite loudley, "My Butt Hurts!" Jed (a.k.a. Anthony) led the Butt crew, the more we road, the louder they complained. I came up with another brilliant idea to ride from Huntington down to Newport Beach..."MY BUTT, How far are we going? MY BUTT, Why do we have to ride all the way to Newport? MY BUTT HURTS!" Before you think that I was putting them through some tortuous 30 mile bike was 2 miles! My fun, adventurous little Hillbilly BUTTheads weren't enjoying our day. We didn't reach my final destination, the BUTTS won!

Almost home...with the beautiful BUTT song ringing in my ears the WHOLE way. I snapped, One more word about the BUTT I'm going to knock somebody off of their bike and fix the problem for you! (Don't report me for abuse....I was kidding with a serious undertone), finally peace...aawww!

Back home the older kids came over for a barbeque...then a quick nap before we headed back on the BUTT bikes for the fireworks show. We took our basket of fruit, blankets and drinks and climbed back on. The BUTTheads were a little better on the way to the show...only a few "Ouches", followed by, "Oops, sorry!" Squeak, Squeak, Scrape, Grind, weaving in an out of the long line of cars, on Main street. The crowds of people lined the beach, waiting for the Firework display over the water. We pushed and shoved our way to a perfect spot right at the edge of the water. Yes, my idea...Jed was worried that the tide was going to rise and get us soaked, he wanted a spot closer to the boardwalk...but I got my way.

The display was amazing! The bright colors glimmering over the water, nothing could spoil the night. Wait, what is that? "Owwww, something just hit my eye." "Ouch, what the heck?" "What is going on?" Everyone along the edge of the water started putting on their hoods, covering with blankets, putting on sunglasses and rubbing their eyes. The wind was blowing, causing chunks of Firework ashes to rain down on top of everyone sitting at the edge of the water. You guessed it, my Hillbilly BUTTheads started chanting, "Way to pick the BEST spot! Whose idea was it to get right up front?" Jed yells out, "Oh yeah, I wanted to sit by the boardwalk....BUTT you had to have a perfect view!"

The grand finale...a bike chain breaking halfway home, removing Jed and a little BUTThead from their agony...a 10 minute walk now eased their swollen BUTTS, while I pedaled happily home enjoying the peace and quiet...perfect end to a PERFECT day!LOL!

JED (a.k.a Anthony) BUTT face



ME and my little BUTTheads!LOL!

THE BEVERLY HILLBILLY's (Pretending To Be Happy)


~Trish~ said...

LOVE IT!!! That made me laugh because the same thing happened to the kids and I a couple years ago. We went to one of the bigger parks that always does a huge display that goes along with music from a radio station, it's pretty cool. But like your situation, we were close enough to it and the wind was just right, we were getting rained on too!! Miranda and I got into the car and saw little flaming peices falling, sheesh!!! haha, so glad you had a great time!!!

Tiffany said...

Looks like you had a great So Cal 4th!!!

SoccerMom said...

Hey Lisa

that was funny, butt I want to know when my family became your family! Because you just described mine to a t ~ LoL

Anonymous said...

kinda freaks me out since we just bought a baby trailer and decided to take up bike riding. Great firework pics!

Heather said...

Oh my stars, you are all a family of supermodels...I swear!! Your Fourth sounds like a blast despite some squeaky bikes.

American in Norway said...

How funny! Just found your blog through sits... Funny stuff... wish I was living in So.Cal.... I'll be back! : )