Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Senior Pictures...WHAT?

Where have the years gone? I can't believe I had to take Jullien for his Senior pictures today!! It was just yesterday when he was crawling after me, screaming outside the bathroom door because I was out of his sight. My sister would say, "How can you stand it?" He wont let you even go to the bathroom!" But...I loved the feeling of being loved so completely and unconditionally. He was always a clinger and even now that he is older, I love the fact that he likes to hang out here with his girlfriend. Never having girls made me wonder if someday I would be all alone in my old age. Well...having a clinger as a son gives me hope!! He talks to me about his relationship, listens to my advice (doesn't always take it) and is always affectionate, giving me a hug goodbye, even if his friends are around.

Today he was all dressed up after his pictures, so I told him I want to take a few of my own, (that way I can send out invitations with some of mine and hopefully save on the portrait package, which costs a FORTUNE!!!) He wasn't too happy about it, complained and said how much I embarrass him, because I always want to take pictures. I just ignored him and made him pose. Okay, I had to bribe him with some ice cream, still works at 16 years old! LOL! I got some pretty good shots, just wish I could afford Photoshop to touch up a bit. I still think they came out okay though...what do you think? Don't worry, give me your honest opinion, you wont hurt my feelings, I take tons of pics so I can get better, any tips would be great.


Anonymous said...

I think those turned out awesome!!! I wish I had photoshop, one day maybe, but even then, would I be smart enough to use it right? LOL

I went with my sister & niece for her senior pix last week...OMG the packages run up to $5,000.00...is that the same for you?

I did take my Nikon in with me, and played around, but didn't get anything of my neice, but had a blast with her friends and my sister;) LOL

~Trish~ said...

LOVE the pictures as usual!!! Your son sounds just like my nephew. Justin is turning 20 next week (gulp) and he's always been a good kid, hangs with the parents and everything like your son it sounds like. I have another nephew Nick who's turning 7 so I really think that was a great birth control method for Justin, he helped raise Nick LOL

April said...

I can't believe Jullien's going to be a senior! That's crazy! The pics look good!

Tj and Amy said...

Whoh! uh when did jullien hit puberty? he looks all grown up! crazy! they look good.

Veggie Mom said...

Where DO the years go? I'm sending one off to college in the fall, and can't believe my little girl is so grown up! You're guy's gonna be a heart-breaker, let me tell ya! BTW, don't forget the Great Pop'rs Giveaway! The more you comment, the better chance you have of winning--Check it out! PS: How do you get to be first on the SITS roll call so often? Are you a night owl?

ann said...

We did Senior pictures this month too. He's quite handsome and your pictures are lovely.