Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I woke up late AGAIN...which means the usual mad morning rush, trying to get my bible study in (definitely helps me get through the day). A few little floor mat exercises, leg lifts, sit ups, more leg and butt stuff, finished by a few stretches for my CONSTANT neck pain. This is how I justify not going to the gym. Then I wonder why I'm getting so jiggly...but do I ever make time for the gym...nooooo, I'd rather complain and keep doing what I'm doing.

Slap on some make-up, throw my hair in a pony, put on an outfit...nope, I look fat, toss it on the chair piled with the mound of outfits that have also been discarded this week. Grab the famous stand by outfit (hmmm, did I wear this already this week, I don't think so, it'll have to do.) I grab a quick bowl of instant oatmeal, scarf it down, start to run out the door with the bowl, oops back upstairs, throw it in the sink. Whew...finally out the door, (bare with me I WILL get to the main point of the story).

I attach the phone ear piece, did I mention I HATE THIS THING! We couldn't afford the fancy wireless ones, so my husband got the kind with the cord that you clip to your collar and NO ONE can hear me so I drive holding the mouth piece close to my mouth, yelling (wait, I could be holding my phone instead...I hate this new Hands Free Law). Driving along in silence, dodeedodeedo, I wish I was home, I need a vacation, I'm driving too fast...remember DRIVE SLOW save gas, what do I need to do today after work, cancel Josh's gym membership, pay credit card...yay, no games, I'm going to take a nap (my radio broke, thus the silence, but my head keeps going nonstop).

I pull up to a light a couple of blocks from work and something catches my eye. I look over into the black, shiny, freshly waxed, brand new black Lexus...WHAT THE ????

There they were, glowing in the darkened window of the car, red, green, and yellow, two of them perfectly perched on each finger of the driver. Two LARGE parrots, sitting happily on the guys two first fingers. He was talking away, don't know if it was to the birds or if he had a wireless earpiece in his ear, but he was blabbing away, very animated. I just kept staring, is this for real or has my insomnia finally pushed me over the deep end? I felt like I should rub my eyes, wipe my glasses and look again. He looked over, feeling my stare, gave a look like, "What are you staring at?" The light changed, he put both hands on the steering wheel with his first two fingers pointed straight out like guns, the birds happily looking out the window, off he drove in his business shirt and tie and his two companions...just another day at the office in Newport Beach, CA. Can you say E C C E N T R I C?

Message to self: MUST GET MORE SLEEP!!!


~Trish~ said...

Oh that's too funny, he probably takes them to work with him daily!!!

To answer your I'm not a photographer, I just play on on blogs. Also, no crushes will be at my reunion this weekend, I dated guys that didn't go to my school!! hahaha I was smart!

angie said...

Only in LA! :)

I really appreciate you taking the time to browse around my blog and comment on my post. I look forward to returning to your blog to look around some more!

Ronnica said...

That's crazy. I was walking through the neighborhood last night and saw a neighbor with a parrot, hanging outside. Such a random pet!

Robin said...

Crazy..How could they not poop on him while he's driving? Our morning rituals are SO the same, hahaha!

The race is on to be first on SITS tonight! The loser has to leave a comment tribute on the other's next post, LOL! Ready..Set..Go!

Ann said...

He gives you a "What are you staring at?" face?!? WHAT?!?
This just makes me laugh.
Great story!