Tuesday, July 1, 2008

How To Have The Best Summer Vacation!

I recently wrote about summer vacation on a budget...it was a joke, so I thought I should post a REAL article...for those of you who get stressed out trying to plan a perfect trip....

Summertime, signals a sense of freedom, a time to get outdoors, and away from the stress of work and household responsibilities. The problem then becomes, so much to do, so little time, pool parties, barbecues, camping, beach trips...oh how we all look forward to summer.

I used to think that planning a summer vacation was the way to make sure we had the most exciting summer. However, after a few stressful summers of making all the arrangements, only to have it not turn out the way I planned. I learned that we always had the best summer memories when we did spur of the moment trips. There were never any pre-conceived expectations.

I stopped trying to plan the fun we would have and I just let it happen. We would go on last minute camping trips to Mexico (I don't mean RV camping, I mean tent camping!) We would spend quality family time, visiting, playing sports together, card games, roasting marshmallows and lighting fireworks off of the cliffs over the ocean at night. This was a great experience, how often do you get to spend time just visiting with your kids, especially teenagers?

We would take bike rides and stop and have a picnic. When we got home we would invite our friends over and have a barbecue and pool party. We took drives down the coast and would find cozy little restaurants to eat at. The less we planned the more we seemed to do. Planning seemed to put time restrictions on our summer, which defeats the whole carefree, have fun, play and let go of your worries, feeling that summertime invokes.

This year try something new, just pick up and go. Leave the organizing behind and embrace the spontaneity of the warm, sunny days of summer. You will have more than just a summer vacation, you will have the vacation of your dreams!








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~Trish~ said...

What a great post!! I am doing just that next weekend when the kids and I road trip to Arkansas. The only two things we have planned over the 4 day trip are to go to Blanchard Springs Caverns (those cool underground caves) and to take a raft float trip down the Spring River in Mamouth Springs. I'll be sure to post my pictures when we are back!!