Monday, October 20, 2008

Date Night and The Duchess

I have the funniest story to tell you guys, but I’ll wait until tonight so I can add the pictures to give you the whole effect! It was Homecoming this weekend and both my senior son and my freshman step-son went. Here’s a little clue...The Freshman and The Seniors. That’s all you get for now...check back tonight if you want a laugh.

My husband had promised me a date night...which was going to happen immediately after taking pictures of the kids. We were going to go out for Sushi and a movie (a VERY special treat for us) we NEVER go out. It was so late by the time we finished, the parents at one of the houses invited us to stay and have dinner with them after the last group of kids left. So we stayed and visited, we had a good time...they’re a funny couple. Then it was off to the movies, which it was my turn to pick (he chose last time) I was debating between the new football movie or The Duchess (I LOVE period piece movies) I decided to be selfish and take him to see a romance. He has liked a couple of them in the long as there’s violence and humor.

Well that wasn’t the case and I noticed he had to “go to the bathroom” an awful lot during the movie. When he came back I whispered, “Do you want me to tell you what happened?” “NO...I’m sure it wasn’t anything important!” I could tell he was VERY pleased with my choice, hahaha! For those of you who haven’t seen it, I will only say, it wasn’t what I expected...Keira Knightley was beautiful as usual, the costumes were amazing, the acting was great...just unexpected ending. You’ll have to see it yourself and tell me what you think. A word of advice...don’t take your husband (no matter how sensitive he is) definite chick flick!

Don’t forget to check back tonight!

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