Monday, October 20, 2008

The Freshmen and The Seniors

I want you all to put yourself right back in high school as I share my funny story with you. Try to remember your very first Homecoming dance...the excitement of getting ready, finding the perfect outfit, first date, Limo ride...and the whole anticipation of the night ahead.

(Jullien & Chelsea)

(The Football Players- Preston won Homecoming King)

Saturday was the Homecoming dance and like I mentioned in my previous post my son, Jullien (a Senior) and my step-son, Adam (a Freshman) both went. Of course Jullien went with all the Seniors. They met at our friends house, ate, hung out, took pictures and waited for their luxury bus to arrive, yes I said bus...but it was supposed to be really cool. So we hung out and waited for it to arrive. As it pulled up, it was the most AMAZING BUS I had ever seen. All the kids had to line up and fill out an information sheet while some of us pushy parents jumped on to take pictures and check it out. What do ya think? I wasn't kidding!

(Senior's waiting to get on the Bus)

(Check out the little fireplace!)

(My Hubby and Erin-Checking Out the Bus)
After they all loaded on, we headed over to the Freshman house. As we pulled up a Hummer Limo was just pulling out, there were also a bunch of Sophmore kids at the house who were going with the older brother. All the little freshman were outside checking out the limo and got even more excited for their bus to arrive...they were going on a luxury bus. We all went inside, the bus was going to be 20 minutes late. While we were sitting there I had my camera and started telling them to come and check out the pictures of the senior's bus. They were freaking out..."WOW...that's cool!" Their eyes got huge, they started to jump around, the anticipation of all the fun they were going to have on their bus was getting the best of their mature fake exterior. Finally the call came, the bus driver was just coming into the gate (the family lives in an exclusive gated community). They all bolted out the door, it was pitch black outside and all they could see were the large headlights coming towards them. They started jumping, hugging, high fiving and yelling, "Yeah, Yeah, look at it, here it comes!"

(Adam Ready for Homecoming)
It slowly made a u turn and pulled up in front of the jumping, slapping, screaming, excited, freshmen. The lights inside the bus started flashing off and on. There was complete silence as they stared in awe at their amazing, luxury bus. There it finally was...the ride that would take them to their very first Homecoming dance, a ride that would make a statement..."Yes we are really movie stars here to crash your dance!" Oh this was a special day!

(Adam, Cade and Friends)

(The Freshmen)
There it was, the kids were frozen, unable to move towards the open door. This was the moment they had been waiting for. The Luxury bus was a small transit bus painted white that said "VIP TOURS" on the side! One of the boys looks at his mom and yells out, "WHAT IS THIS THING! We aren't going to the dance in THIS!" Everyone started to yell, "This is SOOOO LAME!" The boys mom said, "Oh, go ahead and get on, it'll be okay...this isn't what I thought I'd ordered but it'll be fine, hurry and get on you guys are already late." With heads hung low, shoulders slumped, muttering mean comments under their by one they piled into their double wide "luxury" seats. Adam taking a seat and slumping his head against the window. I jumped on to get a picture of the scene inside...which was very different than a few minutes prior. At least one girl forced a smile for the picture.

(Kids in Shock)

(A Girl Forcing a Smile...Notice the Boy in the Backs Face!LOL!)
As the freshman were all seat belted safely in their seats...a dad yells out, "This is what you get to ride in when your a freshman. Just wait till next year, it gets better!!" With that final parting comment the doors closed and the bus driver flashed the inside lights off and it quite the party bus effect!LOL! We were all laughing as they drove away.

Adam told me that at the end of the night, as everyone piled outside waiting for their Limo's and Luxury busses to pull up...his group hid towards the back of the crowd, praying that their's would be the last one to pull in front. But, when you're a freshman, things never go the way you pulled right up...flashing lights and all. They sprinted to get inside and hid under the seats, hoping to avoid being seen. Driving off into the moonlight, safely hidden in the darkness, they popped their heads up one by one, looked around, climbed into their seats and said, "Man, that was you think anybody saw us? I can't wait till we're Senior's, this bus stinks!!"


~Trish~ said...

LOL ahhh karma is a b***h huh??? That is a great story but hey, at least they all got to go and NOT be driven by their parents right???

April said...

Oh my gosh...that is sooo funny! I could just see you cracking up Lis! Well, hopefully they had fun anyways! I never got a limo, a luxury bus, or even a bus to take me to my prom...actually, I never got asked to prom, but hey, I'm sure they'll never forget these great memories! Thanks for the laugh! P.S. I haven't seen a comment from you on my blog for a while...hint, hint!

Tj and Amy said...

ha ha! that is too funny! I have never seen a bus pimped out that much. crazy! how much it has changed since i was in high school. ju ju looks hot and his g-friend too!

Melanie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. This is a great post. There is a hierarchy to these things that must be followed. Haha!!

Mc Allen said...

he he he thats sooo funny!! I was just sitting here thinking about how my girls would act, kids are so spolied these days! As a freshman I would have loved to go with my friends like that!!!What a good mom you are!! Well, Your blog is great, I'll be back !! Leah

mommaof4wife2r said...

it sooo funny to see the difference. i love hs kiddos. the limo with grease on screen and a firplace! man, where was that stuff when i was a kid?? we went to dances in our parent's cars. i guess i was a loser.

Mc Allen said...

Oh ps. your kids are seriously beautiful, and I have a question.... Seriously, how did you get that air under you to jump like that in your profile pic!!!??? I couldnt do that for $1000.... :o/

Robin said...

That..Is..Hilarious!!! What a memory for them to relive years down the road!!!

The seniors bus was mac-daddy! I've never seen a bus like that!

WheresMyAngels said...

Wow, I am so wanting to ride in that bus. I have only rode in a Limo once and it was one the stars rode in. It was to the Jay Leno show. My friends husband used to co-own the Limo company that Jay uses. That was my first and last time. I didn't do any of the dances at my school ever. I did go to a prom at another school, but that was it.

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