Friday, October 24, 2008

Edison vs. Los Alamitos

Last night was Edison's BIG game...we were ranked #1 in the county, which isn't necessarily a good thing. All the previous #1 teams lost their games immediately after receiving the honor. This game was talked about A LOT...the winner will most likely be the Sunset League Champion. Granted there is still a lot of games left and anything can happen, but Los Alamitos was supposed to be our strongest competitor.

Jullien Herrera #9 (Edison-Green/Gold) has been moved from Safety to Linebacker...which he loves! He played an AMAZING game and had a sack and an interception
(SEE VIDEO HERE) make sure you continue to watch it past the interviews...they will show more highlights. Click Here to see the article in today's sports page of the Orange County Register newspaper.

Unfortunately we had too many turnovers and questionable penalties (you will see one of them in the video). Also our main receiver was out, which definitely hurt us. Our defense played great, but was on the field most of the night due to the constant turnovers and Los Alamitos was given good field position. All excuses aside, we didn't play a clean game and suffered the consequences. Clark Evans (Los Alamitos - Colorado bound quarterback) was a great player. The guy was HUGE and STRONG, he threw accurate and ran people over. He came up and complimented Jullien after the game and told him that he was an AWESOME player.

With that being said...the score was 23-19...imagine how bad we could've beat them if we played without all the turnovers and was an uncharacteristic game for us. Los Alamitos played a clean game and were victorious. The only thing we can hope for is that Fountain Valley, Newport Harbor or Esperanza can beat them and help us at least win Co-Champions of Sunset League...but this is football...ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN!


~Trish~ said...

Amazing!!! GOOD LUCK and I'll be crossing my fingers and toes for you!!!

Robin said...

Go Mama! I'm continually impressed with how much you know about football..Too cool!

Go Edison!

Tj and Amy said...

that game looked very intense. Ju ju did awesome.

April said...

Good job Jullien! He looks like an awesome player! Thanks for sharing!