Tuesday, October 14, 2008


SITS is having a Blogathon and you're invited!

I stumbled upon SITS a while ago and have to tell you that it's VERY addicting (think rich, creamy chocolate or Ben & Jerry's Half Baked.) I'm sure the visual gives you a better understanding. I would find myself trying to be the first person to comment, which just so happened to be at midnight every night. I thought, once I was first I would be able to go to bed. Oh no, that didn't happen, I am VERY competitive...so I had to keep it up.

This site has everything a girl could want, humor, advice, tips, recipe's, free giveaways...YES I said FREE...all you have to do is comment. All this packed into one cute little pink Secret is in the Sauce package. I know...that's why I go back again and again. I was even picked as a Featured Blogger...which was a day of complete comment love by ALL the SITSta's.

Don't be shy...head on over and join the party...

Stop by and meet some of my favorite SITSta's

Where Are My Angels
Heather (The Co-Brain Behind SITS)
Tiffany (The Co-Brain Behind SITS
Crazy Momma


Meaghan said...

Okay you have such a beautiful family!! Lucky Gal


mommaof4wife2r said...

i love SITS...and i have found so many peeps. so, i didn't win anything, but it was soooo much fun to meet more peeps!!!

WheresMyAngels said...

Oh girl, that SITS day worn me out and I haven't been the same since. Course since my feature day was the day before it, that didn;t help me much either.

Have a great weekend. ?And thanks for the shout out!

Anna Lefler said...

Yes, SITS is amazing! And speaking of which, thanks for stopping by during the blogathon! Hope to see you again soon and take care...

:^) Anna

PS - Love your blog!