Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Day of Change

I came home from work just as Josh was getting ready to leave for his interview. I had to leave to go to Elijah's basketball game and waited for his call. For those of you who don't know Josh...he is a man of VERY FEW words. It's like pulling teeth to get detailed information. He said that he thought it went well...that's about all I got. I don't want to be a meddling mother so I left it at that.

Thank you all for your prayers...he needs a job so bad! He is really depressed right now, this will help him to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I got home from the game, Jason (my nephew) had just dropped Josh off here. He has nowhere else to go and doesn't want to stay here at all! He was crying and said that he doesn't want to talk to me. He's still angry with me about something that happened a year ago that disrupted my kids lives. His dad continually filled his head with a bunch of negative things about me.

Needless to say, our relationship has been a surface one. He spends time with me but it's usually a little strained. I tried to tell him that we can use this time to get everything in his life straightened out and then he can eventually get an apartment. He is too upset right now...he wants to live at my sisters with his cousin. Luckily my wise brother-in-law put his foot down, (my nephew and son are not good together and bring each other down) he told him he cannot live there and needs to go home to his mom.

We'll see what happens...lots of prayers are needed right now! Change is always hard, but necessary for growth.


Tj and Amy said...

oh geez! I am sorry! Hopefully he gets the job and will see that it makes more sense to be at home with you. and hopefully he will realize what a loser his dad is and will always be! It's not your fault and he needs to realize that it's his dad that has caused all these problems. Hopefully his heart will soften. and I agree with him not staying with stace. not a good idea at all!!!! I will pray for you guys. miss you

April said...

Oh Amy said, it's not your fault! I feel like Phil just made you and Josh start from square one, since he filled his head with all that crap. I really hope he gets the job and moves back home. Hopefully one day he will realize that you're the good guy...not his dad! Hopefully it will come sooner rather than later.