Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Job Interview

We've been sending out Resume's to EVERYONE. You can definitely see how the economy is affecting the available job market. I thought that the lower paying jobs (for kids) would be a little easier to get. Josh has been trying to find a job now for what seems like forever. He finally received a call and has an interview tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. Keep your fingers crossed...he really needs this job! It's right across the street from my house too, which would make it really convenient.

Josh's dad asked him to move out last week. Josh moved in with him when he turned 18. He spent years hurting because his dad never wanted to have a relationship with him. Now his dad and new wife are having a baby and told Josh he needs to find somewhere else to live. He's really upset and angry with him. I think he feels like he is just throwing him away because he has a new family. His dad was a party buddy and not really a parent.

I'm hoping he moves back here...I'm one of those mom's who loves having her kids at home. Most parents say, "I can't wait till they move out!" But I cried for weeks when Josh left. I guess when you have kids they'll always be your babies, even when they grow up.

I need to learn not to be an enabler though...I tend to help Josh a lot because of his ADD. He has definitely gotten better over the years, but I still find myself doing too much for him to try and make things easier. I've learned that I need to step back and let him fail sometimes so he can grow and learn from his mistakes. Even after 20 years of being a mother, I'm still constantly learning and growing. By the time Elijah's 18 I hope I have this whole parenting thing mastered. No wonder grandparents are so awesome with the kids...they've had years to perfect themselves!


The Blonde Duck said...

How terrible his own father kicked him out! At least he has a kind and supportive mom!

Tj and Amy said...

wow! Phil never sees to amaze me! He always pulls thru! a#@ hole!!!! Hope Joshy gets the job that would be wonderful!!!

April said...

Poor Josh...I can't believe Phil. Too bad he's still the same after all of these years. Well, I hope Josh moves in with you AND gets the job. I said prayers for him! Let me know! Love you!

Tj and Amy said...

although i was very mad while I read this post. I think it is actually a blessing that he is getting out of there. phil has never been a father to josh!

Lisa Petrarca said...

You're right...Josh's downward spiral started when he moved in with his dad. He is here right now and really upset. He is still angry at me about the past and the things that came to light last year.