Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sleep Deprivation-Am I A Moron?

I'm back to my insomnia thing again! I have been getting in bed at around 2:30 a.m. It's now Thursday and I feel like a zombie, airhead, spacy girl. I can't believe how stupid the lack of sleep can make you feel. Here's a little example of my work day yesterday and today~

Boss- "Lisa, I need you to find a lease and appraisal report for the 1091BeRe job."
Me- " problem." I start looking at all the boxes that are neatly labeled to find the right one. Looking...looking...maybe it's in the extra office. Hmmm...looking...looking, nope. I'll check the bosses office, behind their desks, under their desks, nothing. Now, I KNOW that I had boxed it up a while ago and had even seen it sitting around. Marsha, the office manager starts helping me look too. She double checks all the same places and nothing.

Whew...I was hoping that in my dazed condition that it wasn't just me. So I tell my boss that we can't find it. He gets mad and tells me and Marsha that it has to be somewhere! He wants one of us to go over to the storage unit in the morning to look for it. Marsha thought that he had actually taken the box (he does that sometimes), and asked him to check his car and house for it.

Today, Marsha met him over at the unit and they started re-organizing and getting stuff ready for shredding while they were looking for the missing box. I stayed at the office to label all the year end stuff. I went into the room that we had checked yesterday, and there it was, plain as day. What the heck? I am absolutely positive that it wasn't there yesterday!

I quickly walk over to the phone, pick it up...thinking, here goes, now I get to look like a complete MORON. Marsha answers and I shout, "UH GUESS WHAT? The box is here. I don't know how we could've missed it, it's in huge bold letters and the other boxes aren't!" She yells to my boss to let him know. She said, "He said he wants you to pee in a cup when he gets back." No he wasn't serious, but that's his way of saying...hey dummy!

Now here's the my present sleep deprived condition, I know "maybe" I could have missed it, but the 46 font Bold lettering makes it highly doubtful. But, Marsha double checking also makes me go HMMMMMM, how did the box magically appear? When she got back she thought the same thing..."He found it and put it in there and didn't want to tell us."

On Thursday's I leave work at 1:00pm and he hadn't gotten back into the office before I left. Let's just say I'm not looking forward to work tomorrow! He is going to be making comments all day to try and make me feel stupid. It sucks not being able to say, "I KNOW WHAT YOU DID AND I WANT YOU TO PEE IN A CUP!"


Tj and Amy said...

I hear ya 100% about the insomnia mine started getting better and then monday night it started up agian couldn't get to sleep before 3am. I hate it! I can't function or sleep either. Hopefully your boss will cut you some slack!

WheresMyAngels said...

Oh I have insomnia issues also. They got better last year but they are back.

Yeah, I wouldn't be happy with your boss :( Maybe you could just take a pee cup and set it on his desk to give him the hint.

Thomas said...

Hi, I understand about walking around like a zombie. I had sleep issues for awhile, but I learned how to overcome them, and best of all I didn't have to resort to any drugs.

Sleep deprivation or any loss of sleep is not healthy or safe. Best wishes getting some much deserved Zzzzzzz

BTW, ... Put a warm glass of apple juice on his desk and tell him you did what he asked about peeing in a cup...LOL

~Trish~ said...

Poor thing, don't let work stress get to is SO not worth it!!! Have a nice relaxing weekend!

Lori said...

Girl, you just gotta get some sleep. Maybe you can get some this long weekend. Please drop by my blog, I have an award for you. I do enjoy your blog so much!


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