Saturday, December 5, 2009

Can I do the 31 Day Challenge?

I've been developing quite the holiday body lately. You know, a little mushy around the middle, jiggly around the thighs and back end. I reach up to wave to someone and my arm continues to flap underneath long after I've stopped. I'm usually like the rest of you..."Oh, it's winter and the holidays so I will start getting in shape as my New Year's resolution."

This year, on December 31 will be my ten year wedding anniversary. We actually have been together 12 years. The day after Thanksgiving, I was trying to find something to wear and just felt ugly in everything. Nothing fit right. That's when it hit me. "I'm going to get in shape before we go away on our romantic 10th anniversary. I'm going to get the body that I had ten years ago back...and I'm going to do it in 31 days !"

On Dec. 1st, I hit the gym with my friend Debbie. She moved back here from Chicago, which was perfect timing because it's so much easier doing the buddy system. We push each other! I was going to do 30 min. of cardio and then know, easing this out of shape, achy body into it. But Debbie saw that they had a Pilates class starting and dragged me in. kicked my butt! I was hurting in areas that I didn't even know existed. It felt good though to be moving again. We ended with weights and the Butt Blaster...woo hoo...blast this thing back into shape!

We heard that a ZUMBA dance class was just starting up. Dance is my favorite...I was on the dance team in high school and college. I've missed it sooo much. I jumped into the class and picked it right up. So, Zumba class 2x a week, pilates 2x a week and cardio/bike/stairmaster mixed with weights the rest of the days.

I hope this will work! We'll's different as you get older, you're body doesn't want to shape up as quick, I hate that!


KC Mom said...

Awesome! Keep going! I would do it with you but I have to wait until after the holidays. Keep us posted!

April said...

Good for you Lis! I'm one of those people that's going to start after the holidays! Ha! My friend teaches Zumba classes and has been wanting me to go to one. I haven't had a chance yet, but it sounds like fun!

Lisa Petrarca said...

You NEED to do it sis! You'll feel like your out dancin again...WOOT WOOT! LOL!