Sunday, December 20, 2009

Time Crunch

With football season over for Edison, I thought my schedule would free up a little bit. Even though my kids play so many sports & they always seems to demand most of my time (I took all the pictures for the Freshman A & B team this year).

This weekend continued to be jam packed with must do's. I had to laugh at my friend Debbie who has moved back here from Chicago and is staying with us until she's able to get back on her feet. I dragged her around with me and my never ending schedule. We were driving home from a dinner party that my boss had on Saturday night and she was wiped out. We spent Friday & Saturday rushing around ALL day. She said, "Man I can hardly wait until Monday so I can relax!" I was cracking up...I was exhausted too and I'm used to being constantly on the go.

Today we went to church in the morning, I had a photography shoot for a family's Christmas pictures right after and then straight to the kids basketball game (they lost by 4). Back to the family's house to review the pictures and then dinner at 8:00. I'm not looking forward to Monday...I'M TIRED!

In the mix of everything else, I've been planning our 10 year anniversary trip. I finally found a really cool place in Mendocino County. I've never been there but the pictures look gorgeous. I found a cabin overlooking the ocean, in the middle of huge Redwood trees (it's been featured on E!, Eye on LA & Channel 2 travel). We'll stay there 3 days and then explore after that.

I always need adventure on every trip, so on the way back we're just going to wing it. Going through little towns, exploring, visiting state parks (Pfeiffer Falls, etc.) and staying wherever we end up. I love just winging it! My husband is a planner & a scheduler, but I think after 2 years of dating & 10 years of marriage, my crazy "lets just go and see what happens" attitude has rubbed off on him. It's so much better not having a plan. When you have preconceived expectations, you always seem to get let down when things don't go exactly as planned.

Even though I'll be stressed the next 4 days...I'll finally be able to relax on our big getaway.


Ghada said...

Hiya, Just had to come by and visit you from SITS. I am in the same boat as you. Still have all my shopping to do, but I've kinda given up and everyone will get what they get given - no more time to stress LOL.

I love having an end destination and then just winging it, sounds like your anniversary trip will be a good one.

Happy Holidays

April said...

That's fun that you get to do that for your anniversary! The 10 year is a big one!!! Have a fun time and a Happy Anniversary!
Love ya!