Monday, December 14, 2009

Edison vs. Servite CIF Championship-Curse of the Rain

The rain poured down ALL night. The field was covered in several inches of water. Edison struggled offensively as the ball was continually stripped from our running backs and our receivers dropped pass after pass.

The defense was on the field the entire first half. They also struggled with several missed tackles, but still managed to hold Servite to only a single field goal in the first half. After 3 turnovers, Edison could not get any momentum on offense. It was frustrating to watch, knowing that if it wasn't raining, we would be winning! The fact that Servite was only able to score 3 points on three separate turnovers said alot about the way this game would have progressed under normal conditions.

In the rain however, the Servite quarterback, Cody Fajardo scrambled his way around the field and continued to make plays. We were down 10-0 when we were finally able to score early in the 4th quarter, but missed the extra point...leaving us down by 4. Knowing that we needed a touchdown to win, and as the clock ticked away, adding even more pressure to our rain, crumbling offense. On our last drive, quarterback Matt Viles tried to make something happen, but we were unable to convert, giving Servite the ball back. The defense was worn out and obviously defeated as Servite scrambled into the end zone to seal our fate.

We lost our CIF Championship game & the opportunity to play in the State Championship game, all due to R A I N and our inablility to overcome it. Servite came prepared and received some much needed help from mother nature. I truly believe that if Edison was able to play under normal conditions, the result would have been the same as our first meeting early in the season.

Another CIF Championship ending much like the 2006 game...THE EDISON CIF CURSE OF THE RAIN.

FINAL SCORE: Servite: 16 Edison: 6


gaelikaa said...

Rain! It just ruins things!

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