Friday, December 18, 2009

Last Minute Christmas

All the Grandkids on my Husbands side.

My Family-They're so grown up!

Me & Jullien (I'm standing on my toes to look taller)

My Hubby & His Sisters

Sister In Law Brigett & her kids

Sister in Law Erika & her kids
Stepdaughter Tashy & Niece Adrianna

Me & my Sister In Laws-I'm liking the Black & White
Anthony's Parents & ALL of us (except Josh-left for work)
Adrianna & my Sister in Law Vivian

Why does it always feel like the older you get the faster the time goes by? Christmas is almost here and I haven't even started shopping! We just barely took Christmas pictures, and got our tree last week, which is still not decorated.

Anthony's family came over to have me take Christmas pictures of everyone. We had it all planned to go down to our normal spot in Corona Del Mar, but Josh had to work and so everyone came over and we just took them at our house. Not the picture perfect area, but we made it work. Luckily my husband has our tropical back yard looking good.

It was quite a fiasco! We were pressed for time because the boys had a basketball game, someone left the door open and our husky got out, ran across a busy street, almost got hit twice. We were all chasing her down yelling and freaking out. We finally got her across the street in a shopping center and some guy started yelling at me to keep her on a leash! I've been working on my mouth so I actually kept my cool and didn't let him have it! PROGRESS...yay!

Every year I make the whole family go together to get the Christmas tree. This is always a big deal for me, I love traditions. They however don't look forward to it. I can't get just any tree, it has to be the perfect tree, a Noble at least 7-8 ft tall and perfectly shaped. This isn't easy to find and can take a few hours! LOL! The kids start getting frustrated with me after the first 30 minutes. Anthony usually has had enough after 15 min. Then it's total drama the whole time...and it happens like this every year...awwwwe traditions!

This year Anthony's kids couldn't make it...which I'm sure didn't upset them too much, but I missed them. I was happy that all three of my boys were able to go. My oldest son Josh even brought his girlfriend. It was different this year, the lot didn't have anything over 6ft., we found the perfect tree after Anthony & the boys lifted and turned them so I could carefully examine them. It only took three trees & 20 minutes...a new record! I wish it was taller though...I know, I know...I'm a freak!

As for shopping...which I can't stand doing under normal circumstance let alone in the holiday rush, I will be out Christmas Eve, this too seems to be a tradition for me. Not one I plan...just me procrastinating!


Michelle Wegner said...

Your back yard looks quite a bit different than mine in December. I'm jealous! :)

gaelikaa said...

Oh Lisa, I do so agree with you, tie goes faster and faster the older you get. Your family is fantastic, I'm hoping to purchase a camera soon so I can share photos of mine too. And in case I can't get back to you in time, have the most wonderful Christmas! God bless,

gaelikaa said...

Argh, mistake! Time not tie...sorry!

Steph said...

Wow, great have a beautiful family :D

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest,