Sunday, May 23, 2010

And Now The Eyes?

I wore my contacts on Friday, which I only usually wear on special occasions. Three years ago I got an eye infection so severe that I almost lost my eyesight. So I chucked away my vanity and decided my eyesight was more important than trying to look good. I actually have gotten really used to wearing my glasses everyday & the pair I wear is really cute. I also had some Gucci sunglasses that I LOVE turned into prescription sunglasses. So I'm pretty much set.

(I've had this pair forever)

On special occasions however I still wear contacts. I'm usually fine as long as I put a brand new pair in, but I didn't have a new pair, so I grabbed an old pair, cleaned them & popped them in.

Six hours later, I took them out & knew instantly both of my eyes were infected. I laid awake all night in pain (felt like someone was scratching their nails on my eyeballs). When I woke up I had to go to the ER. I couldn't even open my eyes. All day yesterday, I laid awake in bed with my eyes closed (TORTURE).

Today I'm doing a little better, although I'm writing this with my sunglasses on (light still hurts them). I also can't go outside today because it's too bright & windy, but at least I'm able to open them (count your blessings, right?)

I wonder if I will ever learn?

So, if any of my friends who read my blog see me out & about without my glasses on, PLEASE yell at me & tell me to go home immediately & put them on!


Lisa Lisa Lisa said...

Oh my gosh, how horrible! I kind of have the same thing, but not that terrible. I can only wear them for a couple hours and then have to deep clean them. You do look super cute in your glasses though!

Phivos Nicolaides said...

You are pretty with your glasses as well. I vote YES!!

April said...

Ouch! I totally know about that whole sensitive eye thing. My eyes were killing one day and I had to wear sunglasses at home too. It was awful! So ya, I'd say either only wear new ones or just stick to glasses!!:)

Bethany said...

Oh yikes, that sounds really painful! I like the glasses on you myself :)