Saturday, May 22, 2010

Memories & Love

Yesterday was a tough day. However, Stacy's Memorial Service was beautiful. I was amazed that her husband Nick found the strength to speak, just as he did for his son. He shared some special memories of their dating years and the fun moments they had together.

I often wonder, how can you sum up someone's life, your love for them and also honor them in an hour or two?

I guess you never really can, you can only take all of your special memories, hold them close to you and during the tough days ahead, draw on them to fill your heart with the love that they gave you.

Please continue to remember Nick and Justin in your prayers...they will need it.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry for the loss..

You're right, you can't sum up all in an hour or two. But surely the memories will stay even if the wonderful person has left. Nobody can take those good loving memories from you.

KC Mom said...

I feel so terrible for them. Such a great amount of loss in a short time is so hard to handle. I'm so grateful for memories and a knowledge of where we're going and that we'll see our loved ones again. Even if it feels like a long time from is still a comfort knowing we will eventually.