Monday, May 24, 2010

Hey Bongo Lips

I was thinking about all those hang ups that we all have growing up. One of my major issues were my ridiculously huge lips.

Don't get me wrong, I like them now, but growing up it was terrible. No one had big lips back in the 70'/80's.

I used to stand in front of the mirror, bite half of my lip to hide it & look to see how I would look with normal size lips. Then let go & they would spring back out bigger than ever.

I would get the occasional shout out, "Hey bongo lips!"

So I find it quite funny that they are so popular now.

Thanks, Angelina Jolie-where were you in my childhood?

Oh yeah, you were little girl.

Now I see tons of ladies walking around with them, especially here in Orange County, CA.

Although they seem to look more like duck lips than bongo lips.

So I thought, at least mine are natural and finally in style after all these years.

That was until one day someone asked me...

"Who did your lips they look amazing...soooo natural?"

Megan Fox-Before & After?

Jessica Biel-obviously really bad PHOTO SHOP, right?


Now, instead of finally being able to embrace my natural bongo lips, I wonder,

"Do people think I have fake lips?"

Such is the never ending life of our hang ups...

So come clean, what were your issues? Do you still have them?


Anonymous said...

Nice post. I think you look quite nice and I'm sure you always did! ;)

My problem at the moment is that I think some kind of a mole *its turning big* under my eyebrows!

I'm trying to get rid of it or at least stop it from growing! sounds insane, doesn't it? ;)

KC Mom said...

That's so funny because I have the opposite issue. I have the perfect 70's thin they are barely there. I curse the pin up girls from that era because I would have given anything for plump babies. I can't even wear lipstick because when I smile it wipes off on my teeth.
It's so strange how the times and trends change. I would never consider plumping them...I'd rather wait around for them to become popular.
I would never have even thought you had yours done!

bravegrrl said...

that is so funny... i used to get made fun of for having huge lips when i was little (but then again, i was made fun of a lot)... but i've always loved them, i don't care!!!


April said...

I can't believe people think your lips are fake! You are lucky they are natural!!! Oh, and I can't believe how different Megan Fox looks with her fake lips! I think my thing was people always asking me if I was wearing colored contacts, and then they didn't believe me when I said no. Funny!

Lorena said...

That's a shame that someone would think your lips are fake, do people think it's not possible to have naturally full lips? I think the collagen-lip look is really obvious and gross looking. People should work with what they have when it comes to lips because the injections make them look like weird sausages or something. Of course it's still up to them and I suppose it just matters if they personally feel good or not. I'm fairly certain that photo of Jessica Biel is photoshopped.

missrantsypants said...

Mine are my eyes. Often people tell me they are big and beautiful. but then i get comparisions to deers and lemurs..and im like "wait, is that a compliment?"

Leesa said...

So.... you can just think to yourself-- "Haha! People PAY good money to have my lips done and mine were FREE!!" I think that it's such a trend to have any kind of cosmetic surgery done-- that it just depends what the "trend" is-- Although, I do have to say that I think that Angie launched some kind of lip trend.. Maybe it was before her- but that's how I remember it. Oh well..
You are a very beautiful woman so it doesn't matter if anyone thinks you got them done or not, right?! They just assume that if they look that good, they can't be real... haha! The jokes on them!
Stay lovely and have a great weekend!


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