Saturday, May 1, 2010

Zumba-Where's the Gym Etiquette

I finally made it back to my Zumba class this a.m, at 24 hr. Fitness. I've been really lazy lately and haven't been in a couple of months...I yigh yigh! I was getting in shape so quickly when I was going regularly.

If you haven't heard of Zumba, it's like going out dancing with your friends...NOT working out. But the results you get are fast & amazing!

Watch the creator of Zumba~Beto Perez~

Try to find a Zumba class in your can thank me later for the tip!

On another note...some people

After my class I went to go do some weights. I had to laugh because everyone was on the treadmill, bikes & stairmaster watching t.v. There was probably about 10 people tuning into this one show that was on.

All of a sudden this girl walks up to a stair master, sets her stuff down. Climbs up on a weight bench & changes the channel to something she wanted to watch.

I couldn't believe it. I was sitting behind everyone, not watching t.v. but I found it incredible that someone has the nerve to do that!

I was waiting to see if anyone said anything, but no one did. Everyone just kind of looked around at each other not knowing where to look because they obviously weren't interested in womens golf.

The girl climb on her stairmaster...happy as could be to be watching her golf program & workout.


Definitely NOT good gym etiquette!


KC Mom said...

I've been hearing about zumba for a couple of years now and have never tried it. I'm so leery of gyms these days. I just feel so old and like they are all meat markets! I have been working out regularly for 3 months now and I'm not seeing any improvement....for sure no weight loss. It's getting discouraging so I'm up for trying anything at this point.

F. Lex said...

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DUTA said...

I'm impressed. Zumba - a name to remember, an amazing way to get in shape. Thanks for the info.

Orgo Cosmetics said...

LOL! that's so funny, I probably would have said something, had I been watching.

Anonymous said...

Okay, now I'm in disbelief! My daughter didn't go say something to that self-centered little gym rat---AND change the channel back (to the cheers and accolades) of all those who were too afraid to take action? I don't think this is the same child I (or your Grandma Tunget) raised back in the day! You must have just been too tired after you "Zumba'd" the day away!!! I love you Sweet Pea! Mommy ;o)

Anonymous said...

Ok, it's your mommy again. I just finished watching the Zumba info video you posted. Oh man, count me in! I really think Zumba juice is more my speed (oh wait, that's "Zamba" juice, isn't it?), but I think I'm going to try to find a SLOW/BEGINNER'S Zamba DVD. I'll have to wait until your brother and family has moved into their home though. I don't want to be their "funniest home video"! I LOVED the music, and since I love to dance---why not!!! Thanks Sweets. Mommy

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