Thursday, May 27, 2010

Creative vs. Sewing

Last night I had to be really creative. My son had a World's Fair project, he had to come up with a traditional Nigerian outfit. We had no problem finding pictures, but...there was a slight issue....I don't know how to sew!

Years ago, (7th grade) was my last attempt to use a sewing machine. That experience ended with me pitching a fit & throwing my wrap around skirt on the ground, only to have my older sister finish it for me-I received an A.

Not one to focus too much on my weaknesses...what I lack as a seamstress, I more than make up for in the creativity dept. I can always come up with something and "surprise" it's usually pretty good.

I headed to JoAnn's Fabric Store after work, roamed around looking for some Nigerian looking fabric...on sale, of course (I'm also the bargain shopping queen). I found the right colors, had them cut 2 yds. (not knowing if it was enough, but I always wing it, so I figured I would have to make it work).

My next problem was coming up with the traditional hat made out of the same material. I wandered around picking up a few items, sticking it on my head to see if I could somehow make a hat out of it. Finally I found a plastic bowl in exactly the right shape. I grabbed some fabric glue (an absolute must have item for people who don't sew).


A Traditional Nigerian Outfit

I cut slits for the arms, tied the skirt & glued the material (like a present) to the bowl/hat. We had the shirt (I know you thought I fabric glued it all together, right...LOL).

The judges thought the whole thing had been sewed.

Here are the rest of the pictures from the fair.

My son Elijah is on the right

The girls made all of these outfits....

Inside their booth

They were all happy to be able to pick their own group this time (much more fun to be w/friends).

Announcing the winners

I'd have to say that being creative is far more important than being able to sew.

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Leesa said...

Wow! That's pretty cool and the kids look GREAT!!!