Monday, January 31, 2011

Another One Bites the Dust

Today was a special day for my baby boy, Elijah. We got up early and took a trip to the DMV for his driving permit. When we pulled up, the line was wrapped around the outside of the building. I knew we were in trouble! It took us 1 hour just to get inside the building.

Yes, my short morning trip turned into 4 LONG hours of waiting in one line after another (I know, I should've made an appointment, but I thought most people would be at work/school- WRONG.)

I told him, "You better pass, I can't take waiting like this another day!"

No pressure or anything right?

So here's how he progressed:

line #3

Picture time-he told me, "STOP! You didn't take pics of my brothers!"
I didn't have a camera phone back then...

legal signature and thumb print

testing time - you can miss 8 out of 46 to pass

the STRESS...did i pass??????

PASSED!!! (missed 4 out of 46-not too bad)

Official Driving Permit Picture

Scary - driving me home!

It's official, another one bites the dust...I have no more babies left!

Driving (=) Never Home! (sigh)


KcomeKarolina said...


and... there's a give-away on my blog!so cu soon!!!

xoxo from rome

Anonymous said...

Sooooo awesome Lis----we get to be a part of the special events of our baby Lije's life!!! We all LOVED the pics. GREAT! Bry got a good laugh. Keep em' coming! Hugs, Mommy/Grandma ;o)

Luísa Lión said...

wow you have one handsome son over there ;)

Where are you from? I love the states I lived in Florida for a year :)