Saturday, January 1, 2011

11 Years Ago-I Did It!

Many years ago I spotted the love of my life on the football field. He was coaching the other flag team. We became friends and the following year, my 6 year old son, Jullien, ended up on his flag team. The attraction was undeniable, we started dating but really didn't think it could go anywhere because we each had 3 kids and 6 kids was way too many!

Everywhere we went, people stared at us and our huge entourage of miniature people following behind us, pushing, shoving, yelling and fighting with each other. It was chaos...but it grew on us. The kids also grew closer and began to accept one another.

We tried to fight the enevitable, but two years later, we could no longer imagine a life without each other in it.

Anthony asked me to marry him, which I happily agreed to. We were married on December 31, 1999 on the Corona Del Mar Bluffs overlooking the ocean in Newport Beach, CA.

Through the past 11 years of ups and downs, stretching, growing, forgiving, trusting, overcoming and putting our faith in the Lord, our love has grown stronger.

Happy Anniversary to the Love of my life!

ya...I don't know, me being me...goofball!

our honeymoon in Santa Barbara, CA
patio at our Bed & Breakfast
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Dixie Mom said...

Aww...Happy Anniversary! I remember your anniversary last year you went to a beach up north? You had some great photos!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BELATED ANNIVERSARY KIDS! We have all been so blessed by your marriage (does that mean Anthony is the "love of MY life?" Hee. We are grateful that the two of you found each other. You have both been an inspiration and example to so many. We love ALL of you! Here's to an eternity of anniversary's!!!! Mommy

DUTA said...

That's an amazing love story! The picture with the 8-members family shows that reality is sometimes unbelievable.
Happy Anniversary and Happy New Year!

carlasroses said...
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carlasroses said...

congrats! and i think you and anthony are the cutist couple ever and are so ssweet!!!!!! and by the way we beat you in cranium!!!!!!!!!!! haha

Anonymous said...

AWW!! HAHA.. this is like a dream, but it's a reality! You are so blessed to have such wonderful husband and family.

haha.. i kinda like the picture where your husband was smiling and you with your funny expression. So cute..

ANYWAY, HAPPY 11th Anniversary. May you and your husband be happy forever and always. Maegan said...

awe, this is so sweet. I love your "Brady Bunch" story ...what fun it must be to have a big family!!!

Happy Anniversary!