Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Art of Joy

Art: Dance of Joy I-by Monica Stewart

My sister, Stacy, has been going through some difficulties lately. She's been battling and struggling with her 21 year old son and his addictions. He's made some poor life choices and now their family is paying the price. He's still refusing to go to rehab. It's so hard to see those you love hurting. There really isn't much anyone of us can do personally, but we continue to pray, hope and trust.

Since I'm constantly looking for the joy in all things (like I previously posted), I realized that I need to not just look for the joy, but look for ways to bring joy to others.

My sisters birthday is on Monday. After talking to her for a while, I told her I would come over tonight and make my famous tacos (translation: the only thing that I cook really good) for her birthday dinner & her favorite-German chocolate cake.

This seemed to perk her up a LOT! Something so simple.

Wow, who knew that joy can be found, given and received so easily. This New Year is full of many new awakenings. I continually and joyfully hope for a huge change this year!


Janae said...

You're awesome for doing this for her! Love you.

Lisa Petrarca said...

It's not really a big deal but I'm glad I could do something to make her happy! LOVE YOU LIL'MY NAE NAE!

Anonymous said...

I am hoping for big changes this new year too. I think I am getting it already. Anyway, hope that your sister can get through this. Support is what she really need right now. :)

The Photodiarist said...

You are totally wonderful. What a great sis you are! Hope she is having a great birthday today. Maegan said...

I wish luck & ease to your sis & family's sweet of you to go share your time. {tacos are my specialty as well, lol!!}

{love your banner, btw, you look gorgeous!}

SURVOLER said...

Hey, I found randomly found this picture on your blog and I wondered if it is OK for me to use it on mine too?
I hope so.
- Thank you in advance.