Thursday, January 20, 2011

I Went-Paula Abdul-Live To Dance

we were supposed to dress hip & cool...sooo
here's my best impression for the night
(i had a short black leather jacket too)

boots: wild diva
top: forever 21
stretch pants: labijou

Last night we went to a live taping of 'Paula Abdul's' new show, 'Live to Dance.' I found a website, 'On Camera Audiences' (that I'm sharing with you), where you can get free tickets to everything from game shows to 'American Idol' (which of course has a waiting list & is hilarious this year with Steven Tyler & Jennifer Lopez.)

Anyways, I love anything that has to do with dance so I ordered the online tickets and told my hubby, "I got FREE tickets for us!"

Ya, he wasn't as excited as I was, but he went along without too much complaining. He's finally getting used to all my crazy ideas and places I find to take him along with me on my adventures.

We had to be there no later than 3:30 p.m. Here's the biggest problem in my life...I'm late to EVERYTHING...ALL the time! We were going to leave at 1:00 pm, but I was late. By the time we actually got in line, it was almost exactly 3:30. Which put us on a waiting list for seats, if VIP's didn't show up. While in line, they told us that they might have to split us up once we got inside. This lady who I was talking to behind me said, "If they split you and your husband up, maybe we'll get put together!" Guess I made a friend in line and she wanted to get rid of my hubby and hang! Luckily we got in, didn't get split up, but had to stand by the stage for the whole hour. My hubby wasn't too happy about it and reminded me over & over that we would've had seats if I wasn't late. I didn't mind, we had a great view and could dance along.

Oh I almost forgot to tell you, Paula was the tiniest, little thing ever. She is sooo adorable and even prettier in person. Funny how t.v. adds the extra pounds on you (glad I wasn't on camera, I probably would've starved myself for weeks if I saw me packing an extra 10 lbs...eek!) can see i stayed blond
~newly dyed two step process~

All in all it was a fun, FREE night out. I asked my hubby once it was all over, "Do ya want to go to 'So You Think You Can Dance' next? Or maybe, 'The Price is Right' or 'Let's Make a Deal'?"

Which he quickly replied, "NO. You get to drag me to one of these things a year, so pick and choose wisely because you've met your quota for this year, unless you want to take a friend instead!"

The moral of this post: Life's too short, step outside your comfort zone and search for a little adventure!


DUTA said...

You look fabulous in the pictures, and I totally agree with the moral at the end of your post.

bravegrrl said...

grrl! you are absolutely hot.... and gorgeous!!! and you look amazing in purple... my favorite color :) glad you had fun.


Joop Zand said...

Hello Lisa

You look gorgeous for a evening with Paula Abdul.

I agree with your's too short

Greetings, Joop

Lucy said...

I am so glad that you stayed blonde. The dark hair made you look older. My sister did the same, went to sunny ca. and never thought twice about coming back except for a visit. I visited her about 10 years ago in November. My kids bought me a ticket to fly and it was chilly.

StacyB said...

I love the hair, the outfit, and YOU! So glad you had a fun night. I saw Paula at American Idol three times, and she is tiny and darling (quirky!). SO...The Price Is Right! Lets do it ~ you, me, & Sis. We've talked about it forever! Anthony can hang with Jay. ;)

Anonymous said...

HOW SUPER FUN WHEEZ! Dang, I wish I could have gone with you----and danced; that's what I'm talkin' about!!! And I dress fun and funky; even in my "GOLDEN" years (yeah right, let's just tell it like it is---they are "GRAY" years!) I went with Sis and April and little ones to a fun kids thing at a conference center tonight; I wore black "jeggings," (for those who don't know what those are, they are basically tight stretchy jeans), a longer black, white and gray top, and high gray suede boots. Sooo, do you think they'd let a "senior" in under the circumstances? I really, really would have LOVED to have gone. I watch that show every week. Anyway you looked awesome, as always, and you are such a fun girl! That's why Anthony loves you---so do I. Hugs for you all, Mommy

Anonymous said...

Oops, I meant I went with Sis and AMY to the kids event. (It's just that "senior" thing again!) Mommy ;o)

Kimmy said...

You sound like me. I'm late to everything also. That even means work. Good thing my boss likes me cause he's put up with it for almost 9!

Sounds like fun! I love going to the taping of stuff. Wish I had more opportunities but we don't get to being up here near San Francisco. I've been to The Price is Right back in '95. That was fun!

Jennifer Fabulous said...

First, you are GORGEOUS and I love your outfit!

Second, omg. How cool you got to attend the live taping of Paula's new dance show!! That sounds like SO much fun. You're lucky your hubby at least went to one. My boyfriend wouldn't go to ANY (well, besides Price is Right, lol, but certainly not any dance ones).

I will definitely check out that website the next time I'm in the LA area. :)

Luísa Lión said...

wow you look amazing!!