Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Birthday Party Dance Off


Tonight we had a belated birthday dinner for my step daughter, Natascha. She was out of town on her actual birthday. We had all the kids (except Josh-school & Jullien-traveling), and I invited my hubby's ex wife, her husband and their kids.

After we ate and had cake we played one of our fav games, Taboo. Then movie night, Natascha picked Step Up 3. The acting wasn't the greatest, but the dancing was AWESOME. We ALL love dancing! After it was finished, everyone broke out into an impromptu dance off. It was quite the event! Of course I tried to join in, but that was short lived because I did something to my back last week and it's still not better. BUT I was able to snap a few pics.

My hubby tore it up with his new move that we decided to call the Teradactyl. He would bring his arms in close to his body and then with his hands sticking out do some crazy moves! The kids were all in hysterics and they cleared the dance floor to make room for the AMAZING TERADACTYL.

Dillon perfecting the concentrated hand movements!

Taschy crumping!

Jeremy working the robot!

Adam throwing out some freestyle!

Taschy mixin it up w/ some stompin the yard!

AND Anthony opening up the dance off winner...

headin' into the Teradactyl!

sorry but couldn't release the final pics of the ACTUAL Teradactyl until we have it copyrighted!

I'm sure it will be the new craze to hit all the clubs...LOL!!

We have quite the party's...AND...don't mess with our dance offs!


Dixie Mom said...

Seriously funny! Good times.

Lucy said...

Sounds like a good time was had by all.

Maria de los Angeles said...

lisa, i know you from other blogs you comment on (for example daul´s, sarto..). id like to write you an email. mine is maangmo@gmail.com. im from buenos aires. dont forget! ill be waiting!

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