Friday, May 13, 2011

A Couple of Shots Later

The last time I can remember ever getting a shot in the butt was probably when I was a little girl. But I found myself in the Dr.'s office on Wednesday morning, stressing as the Dr. told me I was getting a butt shot!! OUCH!

It was a strong pain killer to relieve the severe muscle spasms I've been having for the past 3 days from a bad groin strain (not stretching before my Zumba class because yes, I was LATE!)

It actually wasn't as painful as I had remembered from oh so many years ago. I raced home before it hit me & crashed out for 5 hours of glorious almost pain free rest! Then headed back to the dr.'s again yesterday and was given ANOTHER butt shot (anti-inflammatory), which actually kept the pain away for the entire day. Now I'm on muscle relaxers & anti-inflammatory meds to make it to work...never knew a groin injury could be that painful!

To sum up this week~IT WAS QUITE A PAIN IN THE BUTT!


Kimmy said...

Literally, huh?! lol

Hope the pain goes away and fast!! I have had muscle strains in my neck that have actually lasted weeks if not almost a month. Talk about misery. Yeah, I don't like going to the docs. Wish I had gone sooner though. Perhaps the next time it happens....which I hope never does!

Hope you can enjoy your weekend!!

Dixie Mom said...

Thank goodness for those shots! How awful!

devorelebeaumonstre. said...

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Anonymous said...

Lis, I'm soooo sorry. Can't believe how these things hurt. Question for Kimmy, I don't know WHAT I did to my neck, but I have been in excruciating pain for about 3 weeks. Wearing a neck brace at night, then taking it off because my neck starts going into spasms. The doctor said no sense in giving me cortisone shots because I'm going to be babysitting my little grandaughters and picking them up. It sounds like there is fluid in my neck on the rare occasion I can turn my head. Driving is so dangerous because I can hardly turn to look and change lanes! I'm getting soooo discouraged. What did you do to cause it, and what did the dr. say to do? I've tried muscle relaxers, had a toradol injection (in my arm), taken Ibuprofen 800's, been on Lortab, and no improvement----help! Nice Lisi, I wanted you to know how sorry I am for your injury and then I go on about mine! I love you, Mommy

Anonymous said...

oh, you were in pain too... Sorry to have hear that.. Anyway, take good care of yourself. Like what you have told me, find happy things to make sure i focus less on the pain... Have a nice weekend and Take care!! <3 =)

Lucy said...

I know what you mean about groin pain. It also happens with severe arthritis. That is what mine is from. Take care and rest it and let the shots work.

DUTA said...

I have an injured shoulder (it's better now, thank God). The doctor prescribed me a gel and physioteraphy. He said that the only shots that will help in my case are steroidical, and he wouldn"t recommend them.
So, I took the long way and hope for the better.
Feel well!

Kimmy said...

This is for Lisa's mom:
I believe my neck strain was cause from riding roller coasters. Sometimes when I get it without the roller coasters, it's from turning my neck wrong. I never go to the doctors for it but what I did do was put a warm compress or some Icy-Hot on it. Nothing seemed to work, the pain just went away on it's own. As for you saying it sounds like fluid is in there? Is there a swishing sound? I have heard that if you ever hear swishing in your neck, to go to the doctors immediately cause it could be your large artery in the neck is blocked. Maybe have that checked out, just in case. Good luck!!!