Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I Found a New Creative Outlet!

I wanted to share my very first floral arrangements with you. I have to tell ya...I totally enjoyed doing it. It's a whole new side of getting to be creative. You all know I write & take pictures, but now I can add, floral arrangements to my (learn as I go Resume.)

I'm very good at finding deals, so of course my first stop was the Goodwill. I was able to find these blue tinted glasses (perfect for floral table centerpieces-$1.50 each.)

Then digging around the store, back and forth (I have a problem with making up my mind) I finally found the perfect vase for the main arrangement to go on the fire place at our church service (It's a cool style & plastic but looks like glass-$3.50.)

Then I headed off to Trader Joe's and grabbed four different bouquet's ($5.99 each.) I chose a main color theme of purple and white but added some yellow in too. Finally stopping at Jo-Ann's Fabric & Craft store to pick up some clear marbles (to put in the bottom of the vase) & silver small beads (to sprinkle around the centerpieces.)

by the the next day these flowers were in full bloom and gorgeous!

I began mixing and matching, chopping off stems & stressing a little that I may be ruining them. But the end result was better than I'd hoped for & I'm pretty proud of my newly found creative outlet.

(I even got tons of compliments on the centerpieces!yay!)


Lucy said...

Very nice. The last arrangement is just beautiful.Of course I have a love of flowers. I love puttering around outside in my 2 flower beds.

Anonymous said...

So awesome Lisi! I love them!!! I was always afraid to try flower arranging, then one day I just thought, "What difference does it make, it's for me?" I was really surprised at how well the dried arrangements have turned out. I also made one for April's entry (several years ago,) and JUST finished one for Amy's a few days ago. I am so excited at how that one turned out. I'll have to take a picture on my phone the next time I'm over there and send it to you. One thing I've learned, if you let fear stop you, you'll never move forward and realize your potential! YOU CAN DO ANYTHING---YOU ARE AMAZING!(And I'm a really proud Mommy!);o) Thanks for sharing! I love you sooooo much! Hugs....

bravegrrl said...

so gorgeous! you did an amazing job :)