Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What Have I Done Now?

After about 5 months of skipping out on my Zumba class, due to back trouble (never found out what was wrong, but it finally went away) I've done something AGAIN!

I finally went back to my class on Saturday, and because I know I'm out of shape, I took it easy, or so I thought. On Sunday (Mother's Day-which was very nice by the way, I'll post about that on another day), I was sore. Yes, I expected and even welcomed the soreness, sure that it was working in all the right areas that needed summer toning. BUT I didn't expect what happened Sunday night. I got in bed and shortly after started having severe knife stabbing pains in my groin. I could not move, turn, bend or straighten my leg without screaming out in pain. By the middle of the night (after being awake ALL night) I had to go to the bathroom. I literally had to lift my leg slowly with both hands (it felt like it was paralyzed.) By the time I finally made it to the toilet I was nauseous, sweaty and shaking from the pain. My hubby had to come & carry me back to bed.

Yesterday was spent without moving ALL day in bed. Today, I can move a little bit and can get up to go to the bathroom very slowly, with the aid of crutches...but still couldn't go to work.

This is SO RIDICULOUS! I don't know if I've pulled or torn my groin...but this is some SERIOUS PAIN...ONLY ME!!!

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Lucy said...

No it is not just you, Their ia a vast difference in our ages but the therapist prescribed some excersises for me involving resistance leg movements . I have been having grin pain and it is worse after excersise. He said it is a pulled muscle but it will work out, but it has not worked out. Mine is not as severe as yours but it is there. Also my arthritis Doctor said early onset of arthritis you feel it in the groin. Hope you get better soon.