Thursday, May 19, 2011

Summer, Waves & Surfing

Huntington Beach, CA Pier
(double click pictures for larger view)

this little guy was walking with his grandma
& wasn't too sure about the crab he found!

always so much to see at the beach

have to stretch...before surfing

Catalina Island in the background

Newport Beach, CA

While Jullien was here visiting/recuperating, he was finally healed up enough to go surfing. Unfortunately, the waves weren't cooperating, but when you're a surfer, you learn to make due...which is exactly what he did on this day. It took us a few stops (Newport Beach first & then finally ending up back where we started in Huntington Beach.)

Normally he likes to avoid the pier crowd & head down to the cliffs, but when the waves are small, the pier usually has the largest he battled the line-up (tons of surfers paddling for prime position) and caught a few.

Welcome to summer surfing in Southern California!


Dixie Mom said...

Looks like the place to be!

Anonymous said...

taking some time off from revision and decided to drop by! Beautiful pictures. Wish I were there!! =)

Lucy said...

I am afraid of water but my sister took me and the kids to the ocean one time and I actually got brave and waded on the very edge. Fun for those that like to surf and all that goes with it.

vintage process said...

Really nice pictures!

Christal Coração said...

Beautiful pictures. Sounds like a wonderful day. Instantly makes me want to go to the seaside :)

JAKARECH said...

great photos! superb!

bravegrrl said...

great pix of your boy!

DUTA said...

It looks like your Julien is a very good surfer.
Excellent photos!


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