Sunday, May 15, 2011


yes, this is me screaming on our excited!

Since I was in high school, I've been crazy for Prince (The Symbol, The Artist) or whatever you want to call him. Unfortunately I was never able to see him live in concert (but I did hang out w/ him at an LA night club, Bar One, in the 90's. I was dancing & he was sitting in a dark, private booth. He sent someone out to the dance floor to invite me & my friend to come sit w/ him...but he never said a word! Just kind of smirked and nodded his head when we tried to play it cool, and said "Hey Prince."LOL. After a while, we got tired of sitting & waiting for him to talk to us & said, "Thanks...we're going to dance.")

Oh back to my story, my dad was a policeman and VERY STRICT! All my friends were going but I wasn't allowed to. To say I was angry, is putting it mildly, especially as I stood by watching my friends get all dressed up in their best Prince, impersonation attire. Complete with tight black pants, ruffled low cut tops, or bustier (for that Wendy & Lisa look) tall high boots, thick heavy makeup, a long dangling earring and of course...the BIG 80's hair!

not sure if this is Wendy or Lisa? But it gives you an idea of the 80's look.

and the 80's Prince

Oh I was fuming! But I wasn't much of one to I stayed home.

When I recently heard Prince was in town, I gave a subtle hint to my oldest son Josh & his gf Charmaine as they were sitting on the couch, "NO WAY, Prince is playing at the Forum tonight...that would be a PERFECT Mother's Day Present! You know how long I've loved Prince, I mean, I've made you listen to every one of his songs since you were little, AND I've NEVER been to his concert."

Yes, I'm very subtle, don't ya think?

So later that day, he came and handed me some money, "Get yourself a Prince ticket mom, Happy Mother's Day!" .............YAY!!!!!!!

I scrambled to get a ticket on TicketMaster & then informed my hubby 2 hrs. before showtime & Adam's Prom, "WE'RE GOING TO SEE PRINCE TONIGHT...WHOO HOO!!!" We got together our best, ~we can still look cool at a Prince concert-over 40 outfits on~

ya my hubby playing his air guitar (aka-my leg!)

Then rushed over to take prom pictures of Adam & his gf Carla & headed to LA.

It was absolutely everything I could have hoped for and more. HE WAS INCREDIBLE! He even pulled Gwen Stefani up onto the stage to sing & dance. AND Sheila E. was RIDICULOUS on the drums! We were on our feet the entire show, dancing, singing along, cheering...he is amazing. It was definitely worth the wait. I would go to every single show he had here in LA if I had the money (he promises a new show every night.)

the guy doesn't age at all!

If you get the chance be sure to check out a Prince concert in your wont be disappointed! THANK YOU JOSHY!


Anonymous said...

hahaha.. You're such a funny mommy.. how cute!! looking at ur pictures, wow, you really had all the fun.. I personally love the one when your husband playing air guitar using ur leg.! The 2 of you look hip and all rocknroll! Cool Lisa!!

have a nice day. Wish me luck for my exams which starts this week on the 25th. God bless you. Bye2 <3

Dixie Mom said...

Awesome! Wow...he hasn't changed much at all!

Lucy said...

I watched Pierce interviewing Donnie and Marie Osmond last night and they still look so young. I am to old to have much knowledge of Prince. Glad you had fun.

Kimmy said...

That is AWESOME!! I was the same way with Madonna, George Michael and Duran Duran! I just HAD to see them when they came out and my hubby was so kind enough to take me!!! So glad I had the opportunity to see them, so I know exactly how you feel! Glad you had a blast!!

Joop Zand said...

Wow....fantastic too be there,
i'am a little bit jealous Lisa.

greetings from holland, Joop