Monday, August 22, 2011

Almost Time

I'm making my last minute check-lists before we head off to Hawaii tomorrow.
I never realized that having a dog and someone staying at your house to watch her, is like leaving your kid. There are so many instructions, as to Allie's daily needs (food, walking, habits...)

I had to laugh when I was petting her this morning and felt guilty for leaving her! 

she wont be smiling once she realizes we're leaving her.
I'm also packing and then unpacking, as I try to fit 1 weeks worth of clothes into a carry on suitcase (I refuse to pay the fee.) However, this presents a huge problem for me...I want to take so many 'just in case' items that I don't know how I'm going to pull it off. Wish me luck!

*This was my very first post from my BlackBerry. I finally figured it out so now I can post while in Hawaii. My pictures are going to be via my phone (aka not very good) until I get back and can post from my camera.


Kimmy said...

The post turned out pretty good! I didn't notice until you said something.

I hope you have a fantastic time!! Can't wait for the updates!!

C & M said...

The dog is amazing. Oh, I'm melting here haha. So cute :D

bravegrrl said...

your dog is gorgeous!!! i hope you have a wonderful time! i've never been to hawaii!