Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Maui, Hawaii...Here I Come! Suggestions PLEASE?

The last time I went to Hawaii (Maui) was about 7 years ago when my son, Jullien's, 8th grade, undefeated Pop Warner Football team beat the crap out of the Hawaiian team (actually felt bad for the other team-it was a slaughter!) We spent most of the time surfing (well my hubby & Jullien did-I took photo's.) 

Now, we get to watch my youngest son, Elijah's, High School team play their season opener...a total GIFT & BLESSING-read how it happened (HERE).

This trip, I want to see everything! I felt like I missed so much site seeing. I wanted to drive the Road to Hana, but I get so severely car sick & heard it was a ridiculously windy road, so I chose not to...but regretted it ever since. Now, armed with my trusty 'Wrist Bands with a Pressure Point Ball' to alleviate the sickness, I'm compiling a list of MUST SEE places/hikes/things to do. This is where all my wonderful bloggy friends come in (YES...THAT'S YOU!) Please leave any suggestions of places you've been to & loved in Maui. We'll be there for a week. THANKS & remember the more info/idea's the better, I'm an adventure girl & love exploring.

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Lisa Lisa Lisa said...

Wow have a wonderful time! I have never been but a friend recently went and he had such an amazing time.