Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week-Jullien Herrera Red Models

Red Model-Jullien Herrera for Codes Combine Innerwear Ad
With Mercedes Benz New York Fashion week looming just around the corner (September 8th, 2011) it's time for all the Agency's to post their line-up/boys to book. Top men's agency, Red Model Management has taken a fresh new approach to this age old process of posting pictures. They've added some style, charisma and live personality to showcase their boys.

So here's a little preview...and look for my son, Jullien Herrera (3rd dancer in the beginning) always the ham (mr. personality,) but I have to admit, my boy can DANCE!


The PvdH Journal said...

Well those are some steamy, steamy photographs!

(and I cannot believe fashion weeks are just around the corner!)


Lisa Petrarca said...

@PvdH-Yes I know...wasn't sure, as his mom, if I wanted to post them!lol! But then I thought, their tasteful and it could just as well be a bikini on the girl right?

Thanks for stopping by!

Lucija said...

Can't believe it's already fashion week! And your son looks great, you're surely really proud, I would be!


Dixie Mom said...

I'm so glad he's doing well after such a traumatic experience awhile back. I've wondered if things were going alright and these just show that he's doing great!

DUTA said...

Wow! Your son looks gorgeous!
You sure can be proud of him.
Best of Luck with his model career!

C & M said...

Hot hot hot! :) Nice campaign

tessa said...

mmmm hot campaign!